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Article: Bench Stools: The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Design

Bench Stools: The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Design

Bench Stools: The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Design

The art of interior decor is a transformation whereby a dream becomes a design. Luxurious interior decor elevates that design to a reality. 

A home is more than just a place of comfort; it’s a place of unity, a place to honour your happiest moments with your loved ones. Your home is an extension of you, and at TEN2, we believe that every facet of your decor should celebrate your uniqueness.

Emblematic of distinguished versatility, elegant bench stools are a sleek staple to every room. From kitchen bar stools to breakfast bar counter stools to sophisticated additional seating at your kitchen counter for your guests, our goal at TEN2 is to give you an experience of charmingly modern, lavish style. 

With our expert guidance, you will acquire the highest decor quality and learn what to expect from our curated collection of stylish bench stools. 



Excellence, elevated: what makes an unparalleled bench stool? 


Our store is full of stools that sport an effortless balance of traditional timelessness and deluxe comfort, bolstered by our crestal standards of functionality and craftsmanship. Perfect furniture encapsulates this balance, and in our list below, we shall explore the values of TEN2 that make us unsurpassable. 


1.  Masterful craftsmanship

Our attentiveness to the finer details can’t be understated. With scrupulous precision, our Wurzel stool collection uses nothing less than premium materials. Our bench stools are produced from American ash, merging the attractiveness of natural hardwood with the durability of its strength. 

Every bench stool that we produce reflects an unwavering commitment to quality. We work with immeasurably talented artisans who share our passion for minimalist excellence; every creative flourish you see on our Wurzel stools encompasses the allure of nature. 


2.  Sophisticated aesthetics

We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly practices; our furniture’s aesthetic qualities embody that core value. 

The natural opulence of the environment inspires our svelte design. Each bench stool is crafted with stylish crevices, approximately 1.5cm long. Designed masterfully not to hinder the Wurzel bench stool’s superior comfort, our naturalistic aesthetics transform a simple modern touch into a work of arborous artwork. 


3.  Compassionate sustainability 

Experience luxury made responsible, and rest assured that our premium materials meet FSC standards. Alongside our huge range of products, our bench stools coincide with the heart of our ethos: luxury shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet. 

Our bench stools reflect the irreplaceable high quality of responsibly sourced wood. 

Know that every purchase you make from TEN2 is a conscious step towards a safer, green planet. 


4.  Unexcelled functionality 

Our artisanal wooden bar stools are ergonomic, with versatility being a core tenet to its enticement. Whether you want to revitalise your kitchen counters or grace your outdoor decor with a modern touch, our Wurzel bench stools are crafted with durability in mind, adding finesse to every room of your home so you can enjoy their features for a long time.


5.  Impeccable comfort

Our bench stools not only excel as practical staples of visually inviting furniture; to meet TEN2’s standards, our furniture also has to exude optimal comfort. 

Indulge in a homely essence of relaxation atop our concave design, providing the easement of a padded seat.



Above and Beyond: additional uses for an elegant bench stool

We understand that a distinguished, homely environment will create an ambience your guests will never want to leave. To create that environment, we’ve surmised that versatility is pivotal to creating the perfect bench stool. 

With your needs always at the forefront of our decisions, we provide easily moveable stools that allow you to achieve the right look. From kitchen bar stools to breakfast bar counter stools, our wooden stools are perfect in any room of the home. 

Below, we shall explore alternative utilisations for our Wurzel stools so that you can familiarise yourself with the endless possibilities of interior design that await you.


  • Accented table

Our outstanding stools would look immeasurably stylish atop your floor alongside gorgeous leather sofas.

An ornate companion to your decor ideas, our Wurzel stools would make the best bijou tables. Whether you are looking for an accented table to place your books, plants or even your confectionary bowls, our stools will elevate your vision to the next level of grandeur.


  • Additional/Outdoor seating

Our service is rooted in familial values. We know what it’s like to struggle to find additional seating during special occasions. At TEN2, we want you to celebrate your best days with as many family and friends as possible!


  • Footrests

The comfort of our bench stools is one of our most refined features. Designed to be small and light, our stylish range of bench stools makes for excellent footrests. Experience the ultimate support for your feet when you use our Wurzel stools. 

The concave design of our stools provides optimal comfort for a heavenly reclination experience.


  • Breakfast bars

Our Wurzel collection transcends ordinary functionality. Flawlessly adaptable, our bench stools would look exquisitely modern near the underside of your kitchen counter. 


Enriching your morning routine, our Wurzel products make for fashionable breakfast bar stools. Whether making breakfast for your family or your first coffee of the day, you should do it in style. 



A connoisseur’s collection: where can I find the perfect bench stool?

You want to transform your living space into an elevated retreat of splendour. Such a transformation beckons the question: where can I find the manufacturer that complements my vision? 

With our dedicated, boundlessly talented family at TEN2, your search is over. 

Our breathtaking duad of bench stools epitomises our commitment to high-quality service. 

Impassioned by our diligence for sustainability, our mission lends itself to the ethically sourced, gorgeously naturalistic designs that catch your eye. 

Every aspect of our collection is refined to maximise its best features; enjoy a versatile duad of bench stools that will revolutionise the world of grandeur.


Wurzel Stool - Smoked


You can purchase our Wurzel Stool in a smoked shade, sporting vibrant, rustic colours.

Sleek and sophisticated, our darksome bench stool would pair superbly with our  Galeon Lounge Chair

A balletic complement to our Galeon Lounge Chair, the burnt-umber colour of our smokey Wurzel stool would be a perfect addition of warmth to our spectacular lounge chair's grey, steeled frame.


Wurzel Stool - Natural


Alternatively, you can purchase our Wurzel bench stools in an elegant, lighter colour. We should always create options that cater to all of our customers' needs and styles.

If you appreciate the brighter things in life, as we do, this shade of our dignified bench stool would beautifully augment the stunning design of our grey Euclid Lounge Chair.

Creating an ensemble of light-coloured sophistication, our naturally toned bench stool would make for an alluring accented table for our geometric masterpiece. 



How can I get in touch? 

If you’d like to explore our huge range of exceptional furniture or enquire about a specific product, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking to elevate your living space even further? We have an abundance of exemplary collections for you to choose from. Why not browse through our esteemed collection of kitchen bar stools/counter stools?

The perfect collection of kitchen bar stools awaits; we have got you covered when you shop at TEN2.


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