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Article: Find and Buy the Perfect Designer Side Table for Your Home

Find and Buy the Perfect Designer Side Table for Your Home

Find and Buy the Perfect Designer Side Table for Your Home

In an era that celebrates the combination of revolutionary functionality and finesse, the perfect living room is more than just a sofa, a TV and a coffee table. 

It is a uniquely luxurious space that you fill with your personal artistry, an area that celebrates your spirit and personality within its opulent design. 

At TEN2, we believe in nothing less than perfection to support your vision. 

When you visit TEN2’s modern designer furniture store or website, you will experience the best culmination of craftsmanship and innovation that Australia can offer. Above all else, our artisanal prowess is tailored towards your creativity. 

Within this informative guide, we will demonstrate how you can express that creativity with our curated collection of side tables. 

We shall discuss how you can use side tables, the qualities that make them a vital addition to your home, and which of our furniture items would elevate its grandeur even further!



How can a stylish side table be used to embody opulence and versatility? 

When used gracefully, a beguiling side table can be a sign of harmony and elegance within any room. 

At TEN2, we believe that the appeal of designer side tables isn’t limited to convenience but is instead an adventurous exploration of your inventiveness. 


Whether you want to enhance the aesthetics of your living room or are considering the appeal of occasional tables in your hallway, the following list illuminates the endless versatility of a luxurious side table that is sure to inspire your inner interior designer!   


1.  The sumptuous symmetry alongside your sofa

Picture this: your beautiful modern sofa sits at the heart of your living room, an ode to alluring style and colour, accompanied by the perfect addition of two of our Harmony Side Tables.

It boasts a functional form that is not only the perfect height to serve as a charming host for your drinks or lamps but is emblematic of visual intrigue due to its seamless blend of clean lines and soft curves.  

On either side of your sofa, these side tables transform the heart of your living space into a deluxe masterpiece of unity and cohesion. 


2.  The luxurious embellishment of your home office

The last three years have seen an emergence in home-working roles and have thus led to a new wave of personalised office decor that fuses together designer furniture with a professional yet homely sophistication. 

When you ornament your workspace with our Harmony Side Tables, you imbue your home office with an ageless glamour that we tailor to your artistic flair. 

 Our side table flaunts endless versatility with a changeable form, granting you access to an infinite combination of stylish, professional visuals. 


3.  The perfect pedestal for your floral arrangements  

The form and colour of a beautiful floral arrangement that you see in someone’s home will vary based on the aesthetics they prefer.  

Why should the side table that uplifts it be any different? 


Our Harmony Side Tables are crafted with your preferences in mind, and the power is in your hands. Flaunting adjustable shapes and heights, this side table is a masterclass in ingenuity that celebrates the uniqueness of nature within its own form. 


4.  The treasured table that hosts your most used/valuable possessions 

In your living room, our side tables flaunt the timeless majesty of a marble plinth combined with the modern appeal of geometric eccentricity, giving you the ability to monumentalise your most cherished possessions.  

Our Harmony Side Table will serve as the ultimate platform for your beloved photographs at the focal point of your home.  

Alternatively, if you prefer, it would be equally astonishing in your hallway.  

Not only are our functional side tables ideal for your mail and keys, but due to their compact size, they will not overcrowd the space of your hallway but instead fill it with a small but perfect addition of finesse. 



What qualities should you expect to see in an expertly crafted side table?  

Matchless craftsmanship is rooted in every meticulous detail of its design. At TEN2, every element of our furniture items is refined until it is spectacularly tailored to your distinct panache.  

Listed below, we have compiled an ensemble of our most invaluable tenets that we have implemented into the heart of our designer side tables. 


1.  Compact sizing

The stately boldness of a high-end side table doesn’t stem from a design that flaunts large dimensions.  

Instead, the visual intrigue of a side table exists when a professional team of artisans can create an awe-inspiring form that embodies luxury without being the largest piece of furniture in the room.


At TEN2, we have mastered the correspondence between this visual intrigue and convenient, comfortable dimensions. 


2. Premium craftsmanship

The best side tables require the best materials to bring your dream decor to life! 

At TEN2, we believe that you can’t have ethereal craftsmanship at the expense of our planet, and so it is paramount that the American walnut and plywood that we use within our Harmony Side Table is responsibly sourced.  

Approved by FSC, our natural wood makes for superb materials that honour the slight differences of nature within every unique grain and knot. 


3. Timeless aesthetics

Our revitalisation of traditional woodturning techniques perpetuates the charm of our Harmony Side Tables.  

Hand-crafted with symmetry in mind, our immeasurably talented designers have produced the most elegant silhouette that boasts an assemblage of attractive sylvan contours and marble-like veins.  

Enlivened for the modern decor lover, we have added a dash of minimalism to our side table that demonstrates the ultimate balance of boldness and moderation. 


4.  Unexcelled versatility  

Multifunctional furniture is rapidly becoming a requisite for deluxe decor, and it’s not hard to see why.  

At TEN2, we recognise the importance of the furniture that you fill your space with. When you browse our lustrous collection of side tables, you’ll experience our unparalleled passion for versatility.  

Within the design of our Harmony Side Tables, you will discover our promotion of your imagination. Flaunting adaptability at every twist and turn, our esteemed side table puts the power of the curator in your hands. 


5. Visually striking form  

Current trends of high-end side tables sport a monolithic exterior, effusing its beauty via the boldness of its box-like form.  

Our mission isn’t to follow the trends - our mission is to elevate them. 


By creating a seamless blend of curvilinear features and solid, strong lines, our Harmony Side Tables are a beautiful match for those who love the bioliphic design of the stone.  

Imagine the stones you collected on the beach as a child and combine them with the brilliance of designer side tables, and the results are delightful occasional tables that will be the talk of your events!


6.  Functional surface space

Mesmeric beauty is an essential facet of any side table, but a graceful form without functionality is an impracticality that we don’t allow.   

Our tables are crafted with a round surface with adjustable dimensions so that you can give your most cherished belongings the stage they deserve. 


7.  Colours/Dual tones 

Black finishes will always carry a gorgeous appeal, but what if you prefer a vibrant pop of colour?  

Don’t worry - our Harmony Side Table is catered to a range of preferences. 


Available in black or in a medley of rich, contrasting hues, our occasional tables are beautiful in a range of environments.  



An Exquisite Pairing: which of our deluxe furniture items best complements our Harmony Table collection?  

Luxury loves company. Compiled below, we have a list of specially picked items that would add an extra element of class to our glamorous side tables.  


Our Galeon Lounge Chair 


Alongside our sophisticated Galeon Lounge Chair, our collection of Harmony Side Tables  would be the perfect place to rest your drinks as you recline atop a fusion of premium comfort and exquisite aesthetics.  

Our Oasis Daybed


Indulge in a retreat from the norm and uncover a new degree of plush-based comfort. The only thing that could elevate the relaxation of our Oasis Daybed is the perfect accompaniment of our Harmony Side Table. 

Envision this: your worries fade away as you melt into the chenille fabric with your favourite books just an arms-length away…nothing sounds more heavenly.  



Get in touch with TEN2 today!  

Now that you have fully acquainted yourself with the unexcelled standards of our side tables, it is time to take luxury to the next level! 


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