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Article: Where to Buy Top Trending Modern Design Furniture

Where to Buy Top Trending Modern Design Furniture

Where to Buy Top Trending Modern Design Furniture

Excellence goes beyond merely contemporary furniture. The trends of modern designer furniture dominate popular searches within the world of interior decor. However, at TEN2, our ambitions go above and beyond creating a popular homewares range that sports the trends of modern furniture.

We aim to provide an indulgent venture into a collection designed by unrivalled artisanal prowess, one that will leave you in a world of matchless, functional sophistication and alluring stylishness. 

To help you familiarise yourself with the trends of contemporary furniture, we have compiled a list of the most prominent facets of the most popular homewares. Determined to offer you the highest quality of service, we shall also guide you as you explore our store to find the best products that adhere to the best trends in designer furniture.



What are the top trends of contemporary furniture? 

Modern furniture is the focal point of attractive interior design. Every year, we experience fluctuations in new furniture style trends, and to put it simply, we listen. 

If you are looking to immerse yourself in a living space ornamented by the most popular modern furniture styles, our team at TEN2 has got you covered. 

Whether you are an esteemed interior designer or a fashionable homeowner, our list of trends will not only help you augment your living area, but we shall also detail how our products eloquently align with your ideas. 


1.  Sustainability

Exquisite, modern furniture should never be produced at the expense of our planet. The masterful artistry of our furniture reflects our commitment to eco-friendly practices. From our responsibly sourced materials to our environmentally safe production processes, we aim to help you in your mission to keep our planet healthy. And we do it in style. 


  • The Dyna Barstool 


Like all of our wooden, modern furniture, our Dyna Barstools are representative of our mission to source FSC standard, natural wood responsibly.

Showcasing a streamlined American Ash wood frame, our collection of Dyna Barstools illustrates the naturalistic elegance of premium, sustainable materials for your environmentally conscious home. 


2.  Soft curvature

Manufacturing innovative, modern furniture requires an expert team of creative individuals to produce designs that can easily merge functionality with gracefulness. 

Soft, curved edges and rounded designs add to a homelier ambiance that will complete the inviting essence that you will relax in. In contrast to the clean lines in most modern furniture designs, the curvacious quality of rounded designs offers a natural, fluid aesthetic. 

This design is perfect for sofas, chairs, tables, and even lighting fixtures. If this elegant trend complements your distinguished vision, we will help you navigate through our store as you browse our perfect homewares for the ideal curvature. 


  • The Echo Coffee Table


Standing as a testament to style and function, our luxurious Echo Coffee Tables are crafted with artful precision. Sporting a gracefully curved silhouette, our svelte design will be the rounded heart of finesse in your living room or office space. 

Perfect for you as you explore the trend of curved designer furniture, our Echo Coffee Tables elevate soft aesthetics to an unmatchable level of captivating stylishness.


3.  Geometric patterns

To furnish your home with a flair that beguiles the eye, you browse a store that regards textural intrigue with a driven, innovative determination. At TEN2, we treat the roots of visual appeal with meticulous care and understand that the impressive aesthetics of modern furniture begin with revolutionary patterns and shapes. 


  • The Harmony Table


Our flexible, charming side table is tailored to your exciting explorations of modern design furniture with its unabashedly vibrant form. Celebrating the hard, clean lines of geometry, our Harmony Tables are easily adjustable to your vision. With this emblem of modern design furniture, you are the designer!

With our rejuvenating stance on traditional woodturning, the creativity is in your hands; the astounding geometric properties of our Harmony Table are yours to play with!


4.  Bioliphic aesthetics

Bioliphic designs embellish your modern furniture with gorgeously naturalistic aesthetics, encouraging a sense of attachment between you and the environment. If you’ve expressed an interest in bioliphic designs, you’ve likely been advised to buy plants to sit on shelving units. 

By shopping at TEN2, you can be more creative and versatile with your bioliphic designs. Our collection of modern furniture honours the natural materials that we employ and does so with beauty and charming poise. 


  • The Wurzel Stool - Smoked


Our superb collection of Wurzel Stools is the ultimate choice for a product that complements (and enhances) your bioliphic vision. 

We especially recommend our Wurzel Stool in a rich, smoked colour to bolster the vibrancy of your perfect naturalistic furniture. Made by hand, the avant-garde structure of our stools venerates the solid and clean lines of American Ash. With visual intrigue effusing from every grain and knot, every Wurzel Stool in our collection is unique from one another. 


5.  Minimalism

Minimalistic, modern furniture captures the essence of a functional, comfortable space that inspires an aura of calmness. At TEN2, we pride ourselves on our unwavering ability to craft furniture that amplifies a sense of spaciousness while maintaining excellently chic aesthetics.


  • Airo Barstools - Wood


Our captivating Airo collection offers a crestal experience of poise and minimalism in the form of our suave barstools. Easily transitioning from an elliptical form to a velvet-thin, flat base, our airy, wooden Airo Barstool would be the shining staple of any minimalist’s kitchen counter. 


6.  Pastel colours

A common denominator of the leading trends of contemporary furniture is the customer’s desire to create a serene, tranquil living environment. Soothing pastel colours are a key component of creating a home that promotes a sense of relaxation and self-care. This is our speciality.


  • Euclid Lounge Chair - Grey

Our Euclid Lounge Chair collection is a testament to expert craftsmanship, spectacularly crafted with high-density polyurethane foam to guarantee a luscious experience of comfort. 

Specially selected for your pastel vision, our grey Euclid Lounge Chair exudes a baby-blue tinge, taking inspiration from the tranquil qualities of a peaceful summer sky. 



Where can I find sophisticated modern furniture that fits the criteria? 

Suppose you are looking to elevate your living area with products that celebrate the diverse desires of modern furniture trends. In that case, TEN2’s collection of homewares is what you need to turn your dream into a reality.

Experiment with your uniqueness as you browse through our beautifully handcrafted collections of gorgeous coffee tablesattractive barstools, and fashionable lounge chairs, and become your very own trendsetter. 



How can I get in touch?

Are you looking to explore every prestigious collection to find even more high-end modern furniture? Whatever the trend, we have the ultimate collection to complement your needs. 

If you’d like to inquire, we are happy to help! With our one-to-one, personalised service, we are dedicated to making your home a haven of sophistication and functionality. Don’t just follow the trends; invent the trends. Get in touch today and find out how!


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