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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Dining Chairs

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Dining Chairs

Do you look at your high-quality dining table and feel it’s missing something? If you do, you need to purchase some excellent dining chairs.

Our ultimate designer dining chair buying guide will detail everything you must consider before buying a chair. We will detail how to choose dining chair design, features, type, price and more.



How To Determine Your Needs for a Designer Dining Chair

Before researching designer dining chairs, you must determine what you want from one. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to determine your dining chair needs:

  • How often will I use the dining chairs?
  • How many people do I need the chairs for?
  • Is comfort or design more important?
  • Do I want a dining chair material that I need to maintain more often?
  • How much space should I leave between the chairs and the wall?



What Types of Designer Dining Room Chairs Are Available in Australia?

Choosing a designer dining chair is more complex than selecting a universal option. Instead, you must choose from multiple types, including:

  • Upholstered chairs target equal comfort and style, especially if they have padding underneath the upholstery. You may need to reupholster the chair if you see damage to it.
  • Wooden chairs are aesthetically pleasing and straightforward but take more effort to maintain.
  • Metal chairs are more lightweight and are great if you have a modern dining room design.



What Extra Designer Dining Chair Features Should You Consider Before Purchasing?

Because of their simplicity, designer dining chairs have few extra features. However, there are a few features to consider, including:

  • Extra comfort like padding under the upholstery.
  • Custom options that let you create your perfect dining chair design. These can be much more expensive than other designer options.
  • Sustainable materials like wood from sustainably managed forests.



Does the Build-Quality and Materials of Designer Dining Chairs Matter?

Designer dining chairs are premium products, so build quality and materials are crucial. Here are some common materials for designer dining chairs:

  • Wood, which is excellent for an understated and natural dining room. However, you must maintain it by cleaning and polishing it regularly.
  • Metal is a modern material that is easy to move around the room.
  • You can mix multiple materials for a distinct look.

Along with excellent material, you must also ensure that the designer chair comes from a fantastic artisan. If your designer dining chair isn’t high quality, it won’t last long.



How to Choose a Size for Designer Dining Chairs

If you need help finding the right size for designer dining chairs, start with your dining room.

Measure your dining table and the dimensions between it and the wall to find the right size. You must also measure the dining table’s height to find the perfect dining chair height.

You must also use the table’s measurements to determine how many dining chairs you can fit under it.



What’s the Best Way to Find Your Perfect Dining Chair Design?

When it comes to researching and finding the perfect designer dining chair, you need to assess the aesthetics and style of your dining room.

For example, avoid bright and bold colours if your dining room has an understated design. You may also want to match the material of the dining chair with that of the dining table.



What Are the Best Designer Dining Chair Brands?

You can start your research now that you know what you want from a designer dining chair. However, you may need to figure out where to begin. Here is a table with some of the top designer dining chair brands.


Designer Dining Chair Brand

What Makes the Dining Chair Brand Stand Out?


Our dining chairs are excellent quality. They also have multiple colours and suit numerous dining room styles.


Jardan focuses its dining chair collection on excellent quality, sustainable materials and modern designs.


Zuster’s main objective regarding dining chairs is luxury quality. To create their products, they use excellent timber and reputable artisans.



How to Budget for a Designer Dining Chair

Setting a budget for a designer dining chair is simpler than you think. The main thing is to decide on all the features and elements you want in a dining chair. Then, compare prices for these features to find a realistic budget. 

If you want many features for a designer dining chair, you should prepare to pay more. The more features a dining chair has, the higher the cost.



Where Should You Look for Designer Dining Room Chairs in Australia?

You may want to see your desired designer dining chairs before purchasing them. If so, head to a furniture store or showroom. 

However, shopping online is the way to go if you don't care to see the dining chair in person. You can find and compare more products online. Additionally, you can read detailed product descriptions and find fair return policies when you buy online. 

Our online collection offers some excellent dining chair products. For example, we have some beautiful, understated wooden dining chairs like our Aki and Sylvan chairs. We also have options that combine materials, like the Arc and Coastal dining chairs. Finally, we have a few options for comfort, like our Anis Dining Chair.



Should You Read Designer Dining Chair Reviews?

One of the best tips we can provide regarding designer dining chairs is to read critic and customer reviews. 

Critics take a detailed look at designer furniture so they can answer any questions you have about a designer dining chair. However, customer reviews can also be helpful because they are honest and may highlight elements that critics can’t, like longevity.



Our Final Tips for Buying Designer Dining Chairs in Australia

Before you make a final decision on a designer dining room chair, here are our best buying tips:

  • Measure your dining space and table to find the perfect chair size.
  • Pick all the materials and features you want to find the right budget.
  • Choose a dining chair design that fits your dining room’s aesthetic.
  • Look in a showroom or furniture store to see the dining chair product in person.
  • Check the product page for build quality, or contact the seller.

You also need to avoid common mistakes when buying designer dining chairs. The main mistake is not double-checking your measurements, as you may end up with a chair the wrong size. You must also avoid going over your budget unless you cannot avoid it to get the features you want.



Find a Range of Unique Dining Chair Designs on TEN2!

One of our largest furniture collections on TEN2 is our range of luxury dining chairs, like our comfortable Anis chair. 

To enquire about our dining chair products, contact us or check out our product pages!



Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Find Your Perfect Designer Dining Chairs

In summary, you must consider several factors before you make a final dining chair buying decision. Our last tip is to create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything. 

You can confidently make a dining chair purchase by making all the right considerations.



Designer Dining Chair FAQs

What Aspects Make for a Brilliant Dining Chair?

Here are some aspects that make for an excellent dining chair for your dining room:

  • A unique design from a reputable artisan.
  • High-quality materials. Leather dining chairs are an example.
  • A fair price.
  • A size that is perfect for your dining table.


How Long Should a High-Quality Dining Chair Last?

Excellent modern dining chairs should last over ten years, but it may not be possible without your help.

You need to maintain the chair to ensure it has a long life. If it consists of wood, you should polish and clean it regularly with a damp sponge.


How Challenging is it to Reupholster Dining Chairs?

Reupholstering your dining chairs can be challenging if you don’t know how to do it.  

Proper reupholstering requires experience, and it can be more difficult for you if you have a complex chair design. Also, reupholstering is more challenging if your chair has scratches and marks.


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