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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for a Designer Side Table

The Ultimate Buying Guide for a Designer Side Table

Do you not have anywhere to place a drink while you sit on the sofa? A designer side table can fit this purpose and visual appeal to your home.

Read our guide to learn everything you must consider before buying a side table. The considerations include the size, types, materials and more.



What Are Your Needs for Luxury Side Tables?

Before starting your side table research, you need to determine your needs for the side table. Here are some side table-related questions to ask yourself to work out why you need one:

  • What rooms in the house lack storage space and surfaces for lamps, books and drinks?
  • How many sofas in your living room need a side table?
  • Do you want the table more for decoration or function?
  • If looking at a bedside table, do you need one for either side of the bed?
  • How many items do you want on the side table?



What Are the Contemporary Side Table Types in Australia?

Multiple types of side tables are available to choose from. The best one for you depends on your design preferences. Here are some of the common side table types:

  • Understated, modern side tables often have simple designs with clean lines. They also have lighter colours.
  • Industrial side tables often use materials like metal and wood. They are more rustic and often have an exposed finish.
  • Geometric side tables often stack shapes to create a striking design. These shapes sometimes consist of different colours.



Can Designer Side Tables Have Extra Features?

Side tables can often come with additional features to improve their functionality. Here are some extra side table features to consider:

  • Some side tables come with smaller tables stacked underneath them. You get more value for money with nested tables, and they are perfect if you want multiple products.
  • Built-in UBS ports in the living room or bedroom if you need more charging ports.
  • Shelves and drawers for extra storage.
  • An adjustable height function if you can’t find a side table that matches the height of your sofa.



Should You Consider the Materials and Build-Quality of Modern Side Tables?

You won’t have a premium side table without excellent materials and build quality

Here are some of the common side table materials you can purchase:

  • Wood is a great choice because it creates a warming atmosphere. However, you must maintain it regularly for it to be effective.
  • Glass side tables are more understated, making them great for a modern interior.
  • Marble side tables are excellent if you want your table to look like an art piece.
  • Some tables mix materials to create a striking and unique design.

Additionally, contact the seller to see if they use reputable artisans. Without fantastic build quality, your side table won’t last a long time.



How Do You Determine the Perfect Side Table Size?

To find the best size for your side table, measure the space in which you want to place it.

You also need to measure your bed or sofa’s height to find the best height for a side table. 

Finally, you may need smaller sizes if you want multiple side tables.



Our Method to Determine the Best Side Table Design for Your Home

To find the side table that fits your interior design preferences, you must know your preferences inside and out.

Assess your living room or bedroom, including the walls, furniture and decorative pieces. Doing this will inform you of your style and make picking a side table design easier.



What Are the Best Side Table Brands in Australia?

Now you understand what to look for in a designer side table, you can begin research. However, where do you start?

Here is a table of some of Australia's top side table brands. 

Designer Side Table Brand

What Sets the Side Table Brand Apart?


Our side table designs focus on a mix of style and build quality. For example, our Harmony Table consists of walnut and ash wood but looks like a luxury marble art piece.

King Living

King Living focuses on unique, contemporary table designs made from high-quality materials.


BoConcept has a lot of modern side tables. They also have custom options if you want to design your table.



Do You Need a Side Table Budget, and How Do You Create One?

If you want many features in a side table, create a budget so you can get them all at the most affordable price.

To create a budget for a side table, determine your desired features and research products to find realistic prices. 

Remember that the more features you want, the higher the price of the table.



Where Should You Look for a Designer Side Table?

There are multiple places to look for designer side tables; it depends on your buying preferences.

To see the side table before you buy it, head to a furniture store or showroom.

However, if you prefer convenience, online shopping is the best option. You can look at multiple detailed product descriptions or ask about side tables over the phone.

Also, if you buy a side table and you don’t like it, you can arrange a collection and refund.

To help you get a great start, here is an excellent example of a side table on TEN2.

Our Harmony Table is a luxury side table with several brilliant features. First, it’s durable because of the wood materials, but it looks more luxurious with the marble design. Also, you can take it apart and re-order the pieces any way you want, making it an extremely versatile product.



Should You Read Critic and Consumer Reviews for Side Tables?

Our final side table buying tip is to read several reviews before committing to a product.

You should read side table reviews from critics because they give a detailed overview of every aspect of the product.

However, you should also look at consumer reviews because they are more honest and may highlight issues that critics don’t. For example, a customer may post a review several months after purchase and mention durability.



Our Final Designer Side Table Buying Guide Tips

Here are our final tips to find a brilliant side table for your bedroom or living room:

  • Determine your needs for the side table before you begin your research.
  • Research the available side table types and choose one that matches your design preferences.
  • Work out all the features you want for the table and incorporate them into the budget.
  • Pick a side table design that matches your home’s aesthetic.
  • Measure the space you want to put the table in to narrow down the shapes and sizes of side tables.
  • Read critic and customer side table reviews to gain a balanced perspective.



Find Artistic and Luxurious Side Tables on TEN2!

Our furniture collection on TEN2 features excellent side tables like our Harmony Table.

To enquire about one of our products, contact us or read our product descriptions!



Final Thoughts on Considerations to Make to Buy a Great Side Table

In summary, you cannot find the perfect side table if you don’t make the necessary considerations. If it helps, compile our side table buying guide into a checklist to help you remember.

When you make these considerations, you can purchase a new side table more confidently.



FAQs About Designer Side Tables

What Are the Benefits of Having a Side Table?

Think of a side table as an extension of your sofa. You may need more room on the sofa to place drinks and other items. Therefore, a side table is excellent for more storage.

Also, if you get an excellent side table design, it can improve the room’s visual appeal.


Should Every Side Table in Your Home Match?

There isn’t a universal method for organising side tables. You could buy four of the same table if you want uniform products, but mixing and matching can work.

If you buy multiple side tables of different designs, try placing them in different places until you find a layout that works.


Where is the Best Place to Put a Side Table?

Place the side table where you need it. The reason for having one is increasing convenience, so don’t place it where no one will use it.

You also need to consider visual appeal when placing a side table. It should fit with the layout and not stick out.


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