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Article: Beyond the Ordinary: Discover Unique Bedside Tables

Beyond the Ordinary: Discover Unique Bedside Tables

Beyond the Ordinary: Discover Unique Bedside Tables

When you picture the perfect bedside tables, what do you envision? Functional designs, practicality and versatility are essential components of the ideal nightstand, but few realise that the bedside table is also the ultimate way to add a refined splash of creativity to your sleep space.

Sadly, the bedside table is typically the most overlooked item of bedroom furniture—often considered an afterthought rather than a statement piece. We at TEN2 hope to change that.

Bedside tables don't have to mean boring. Your unique side tables can add a dash of elegance to your evening retreat, offer the perfect complement to your morning routine, and create a room you'll be proud to call your own.

In this guide, we're going to walk you through why you should consider a bedside table that transcends the ordinary. We’ll discuss why a unique bedside table is an amazing way to add character to your space. We’ll also reveal what you should look for if you’re searching for the best products for your own home.



Why should I choose a unique bedside table?

There are more reasons than one to purchase a unique bedside table. In this section, we're going to explore three of the best.


1.  The perfect statement piece

Your statement bedside tables are the perfect reflection of your unique aesthetic. We often overlook bedside tables as furniture unworthy of artistic attention—a functional piece that simply exists to fulfil a purpose. We're changing that narrative. With TEN2’s exquisite craftsmanship and eye for exemplary designs, your bedside tables will become the focal point of your interior design, harmonising your space and creating the perfect way to start and end your day.

2) One-of-a-kind sustainability

When you handpick your beautiful bedside tables from TEN2, you can rest easy knowing you're making an investment in sustainable, handcrafted furniture that's built to last. Say goodbye to mass-produced products and hello to a statement piece that shows how much you value quality craftsmanship and exemplifies your taste for furniture that's outside of the ordinary.


3) Functional Artwork

Artistry and functionality are often viewed as two separate domains. Our furniture sets the record straight. When you choose a quality bedside table from TEN2, you're choosing a piece of furniture that marries practicality and timeless elegance, turning your functional furniture into stunning art pieces that you'll be proud to show off to guests.



What should I look for in the ultimate bedside table?

Crafting the perfect side table isn't easy. Doing so requires a firm understanding of functionality, durability, and style. As experts in the industry, we at TEN2 will now explore what you should expect from the ideal bedside table.


1) Innovative ergonomics

Whether you retreat to a small bedroom or master suite, your bedside tables must maximise your space and complement your interior with ease. Our unique furniture pieces are ergonomically designed and built for maximum practicality. If you're searching for luxurious furniture that doesn't skimp on extra storage space, TEN2's luxury bedside tables are the perfect purchase for you.


2) Unparalleled durability

Your tables aren't just for visual interest. They're always in use, and the right bedside table needs to reflect that. TEN2's curated selection of bedside tables offers outstanding durability and unparalleled longevity, so you can rest easy knowing you're making an investment that's built to last.


3) Sustainable craftsmanship

We're all aware of the need for renewable manufacturing, but few of us recognise that the need for sustainability stretches to our furniture. Factory-produced, unoriginal pieces are more than an eyesore. They're a detriment to our planet. When you buy your FSC natural wood tables from TEN2, you're making a statement that you stand for sustainability, care about ethically sourced materials, and value the incredible quality that comes with artisanal craftsmanship.


4) Timeless style

Whether you're using your TEN2 table as inspiring bedroom decor, an ultra-modern statement piece, or a functional bedside stool, your furniture should uniquely reflect your personal aesthetic. With understated elegance and unparalleled attention to detail, our bedside tables are at once stylish and sophisticated - a harmonious blend of contemporary class and traditional design.


5) Functionality

At TEN2, style never comes at the cost of substance. Your designer furniture must be fit for purpose, incredibly versatile, and handcrafted for optimal functionality. Our outstanding bedside tables maximise surface space without compromising on style, harmoniously blending practicality and panache to create functional furniture you'll be proud to display in your home.



5 other uses for your TEN2 bedside tables

Our stools are the epitome of versatility and functionality. From bedside tables to perfect accented seating arrangements, there are dozens of ways to utilise our side tables in your interior design. Let’s explore five ways you can adapt your TEN2 table to suit your needs.


The perfect plant stand

Searching for a way to add a dash of elegance to your living space? Try using your TEN2 table as a beautiful decorative plant stand - ideal for adding sophistication and timeless class to your interior design.


Functional stools

TEN2's stools are expertly designed to be multi-functional and versatile. Whether you're setting up a cosy cocktail lounge or enjoying the company of guests at your breakfast bar, our functional stools are sure to turn any occasion into a celebration of sophisticated interior design.


Incredible outdoor spaces

Want to add some elegance to your exterior design? Why not incorporate a luxurious TEN2 table into your garden space? Our side tables are the perfect accompaniment to evening drinks and the ultimate way to elevate and complement your lavish outdoor area.


The ideal decorative table

From statement sculptures and luxurious vases to decorative art displays and designer lampshades, TEN2's tables are an amazing way to transform your living space into a haven of refined sophistication.


The ultimate vanity set

Take your daily ritual to the next level by incorporating one of our artisanal Wurzel stools into your designer vanity set - the perfect way to add luxury and sophistication to your morning routine.



Introducing TEN2's collection of luxury bedside tables

TEN2's collection of luxury bedside tables is your ticket to stunning interior designs. With unparalleled craftsmanship, beautiful designs and sustainably sourced materials, we've crafted a collection of bedside tables that go beyond the mundane. Browse our complete collection today or view our individual products below.


Wurzel Stool - Smoked

Blending contemporary designs with rustic charm, our Smoked Wurzel Stool is a bespoke fusion of elegance and unwavering functionality. Beautiful growth lines coat the surface of every stool, offering a one-of-a-kind homage to the natural world. The cracks that divide the stool add a unique twist to the design without compromising on functionality. If you're looking for the perfect blend between practicality and sophisticated style, this is the table for you.


Wurzel Stool - Natural

Utilising the same techniques used to craft our Smoked Wurzel Stool, this variant incorporates natural light wood to create a gentler, brighter aesthetic. Equally suited to a garden party as a contemporary bedroom space, this unique piece will elevate your room to new heights, offering style and timeless sophistication in equal measure.


Harmony Table

The Harmony Table is for those who expect something a little different from their furniture. Handcrafted from elegant walnut blocks, this versatile round bedside table effortlessly adapts to any space. The traditional mid-century finish adds a touch of sophistication to the piece, while the modular, adjustable table blocks provide a dose of ultra-modern functionality. Whether it's elevating your cosy sleeping quarters or adding a pop of charm to your entrance hall, with the Harmony Table, the power to design your space is in your hands.

Plus, for those who like to be daring with their interiors, we now offer the Harmony Table in a visually stunning multi-coloured design. If you're looking for your new statement piece, you just found your golden ticket.



Where can I learn more?

Want to find out more about our selection of high-quality bedside tables and stools? View the full collection today, or get in touch. TEN2 is committed to exemplary customer service—if you have a question, we'll be on hand to offer the support you need.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Why not browse our luxurious dining tables, barstools, lounge chairs and coffee tables? If you're looking for handcrafted, elegant furniture that ventures beyond the ordinary, we have the collections for you.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do, read about our values today. We strive for quality designs, are committed to functional, versatile furniture, and care deeply about craftsmanship that is both sustainable and sophisticated. Contact us today to find out more.


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