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Article: Clean Lines and Comfort: The Beauty of Scandinavian Dining Tables

Clean Lines and Comfort: The Beauty of Scandinavian Dining Tables

Clean Lines and Comfort: The Beauty of Scandinavian Dining Tables

A Scandinavian dining table would be the perfect complement to a dining room that celebrates a minimalist sense of calmness and functional airiness. 

 At TEN2, we honour the Scandinavian design, taking inspiration from the gorgeous application of natural materials, especially concerning the use of responsibly sourced timber. 

In this informative guide, we shall explore the importance of reinstating the dining table as the heart of human connection, as well as the history of the Scandinavian dining table. 

We shall also touch upon the qualities of a Scandinavian dining table that make it the ultimate match for your elegant vision and where to find said perfect dining table.  



A history of simplicity made elegant: the rise of Scandinavian dining

Art has always been closely tethered to changes in the social and political landscape. The origins of Scandinavian dining furniture are no exception. 

The extensive collection of sophisticated Scandinavian dining tables and dining chairs that are available to you today started with a movement within the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) in the 20th century. 


Characterised by minimalism and functionality, immeasurably talented Nordic designers combined their desires for modern innovation as a way to display their stance on new industrial technology. 

Consequently, the world of home decor was revolutionised to celebrate the delicate profiles and fluid curves that you see today. 



Why dining tables are a pivotal element of your dining room

If you wish to reacquaint yourself with the importance of having the perfect table to elevate your dining space, we have got you covered. 

Listed below, we have gathered the most crucial aspects that reaffirm the significance of the dining table to help you realise the benefits of sharing a meal with your guests.


1.  A functional dining table strengths your connections to your family and friends

A table top is much more than a surface on which we dine; a table top plays host to the entertaining conversations that you have with your loved ones. 

Your dining table will strengthen your connections with your family, friends, and guests - a dining table is where your children will learn healthy communication skills and where you can share in their delightful development by being able to converse with them in a relaxed way. 

Imagine your childhood: how many of your best memories with your loved ones were around a dining table? 


2.  Time at the table is time away from the screens

In a world fully submerged in all things technological, it is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy genuine face-to-face socialisation with our family and friends. Nowadays, most of us have made dining seats of our sofas so we can catch up on our favourite shows and movies as we eat. 

The perfect table - separated from all technological distractions - will make a haven of soothing alleviation of your dining room, encouraging you to give yourself healthy breaks from your gadgets and gizmos. 


3.  A dining table is the place for a healthy, home-cooked meal

A dining table creates a warm, cosy environment for you and your family to eat together. And those who eat together become healthier together. 

Our fast-paced way of life inspires unhealthy eating habits; whether we are grabbing quick snacks to go or resorting to fast food for convenience, our diets have gradually worsened.  

Around the dining table, your children will model their eating habits after older family members, perpetuating a tradition that promotes the development of social skills and healthy eating habits. 



What makes Scandinavian dining tables perfect for your dining space?

Dining room furniture that boasts the timeless, natural beauty of the Scandinavian design is perfect for your home.  

Whether you are a trendy homeowner or an established interior designer, a Scandinavian dining table will sit in your dining room as a proud staple of austere class.  

Our team at TEN2 has a keen eye for meticulous details. Thus, we have assembled a list of qualities that make a Scandinavian dining table the perfect match to complement your sumptuous vision.


1.  Sustainable, natural timber

A Scandinavian dining table incorporates timber into the heart of its design - whereby every piece of wood used is natural and sustainable.


If you are familiar with our products, you will immediately recognise the similarity. The ethos that we imbue into all of our products is simple: luxury should never come at the expense of our planet.  

Our impressive range of furniture is crafted with responsibly sourced, FSC-standard, natural wood so that all our products further our mission toward a healthier world.


2.  Minimalist aesthetics

Minimalism bolsters a clean, tranquil ambiance of any room, celebrating crisply taut, linear aesthetics to create a clutter-free environment.  

The simplistic design of minimalist dining tables invokes a sense of visual calm in your dining room; the sparsity of bold shapes and lavish styles lends itself to a tasteful transparency between the interior and the nature that surrounds it.  

What happens when you combine the minimalist style of Scandinavian dining tables with the natural, tactile materials that shape them? 

You get TEN2’s collection of dining tables. With our gorgeous Zen Table collection, you will create a dining space that strengthens your connection with nature while simultaneously de-cluttering your mind for optimal relaxation.


3.  Light, neutral colours

To balance the garishly bold hues of maximalism, the minimalist nature of Scandinavian dining tables lends itself to naturalistic mid-tones. 

The beauty of softer, earthier colours will imbue your home with a greater sense of spaciousness to keep you and your guests in a soothing swell of serenity. 


At TEN2, producing this degree of serenity is something we excel at. The warm, mellow tones of our natural Zen Table nod to the colour schemes of the environment that we strive to protect. 


4.  Intriguing textures

Since a Scandinavian dining table incorporates natural wood into its designs, it is to be expected that there will be distinctly unique patterns of grains and knots.  

A Scandinavian design transforms the standard rectangular shape of your table top into a piece of art that symbolises the natural beauty of our planet.



How TEN2 has elevated the Scandinavian design

The impressive range of dining tables at TEN2 has not only embodied the central aspects of Scandinavian dining tables but has elevated them.  

Below, we shall guide you as you browse our distinguished collection of dining tables, showcasing how they are emblematic of a revitalised Scandinavian dining experience.


Our Zen Table collection

Our mesmeric collection of Zen Tables marvellously fuses the traditional shape and style of Scandinavian dining tables with the innovative talents of masterful artisans.  

Celebrating the minimalist appeal of a Scandinavian dining table, our Zen Tables exhibit the finesse of solid timber and crisp, clean lines embellished with a delicate airiness that beautifully complements its sturdy functionality.


Our dining tables exude the ultimate sophistication within sleek vertical grooves that augment the textural intrigue of a typical Scandinavian dining table. 

We have also elevated the classic, rectangular design of a Scandinavian dining table with our implementation of subtle curves, producing a dynamic visual of perpetual motion.


Available in two shades (Smoked and Natural), our Zen Tables cater to our customers’ different styles while remaining faithful to the earthy mid-tones that are representative of elegant Scandinavian dining.



How to contact TEN2

Would you like to learn more about our prestigious dining table collection? Why not reach out?  

At TEN2, our expert advice can assist you in transforming your dining room into a haven of luxury.  

We don’t just offer opulent dining tables to rejuvenate your dining room - browse through our collections of enchanting dining chairs or beguiling bar stools to bring your vision to life! 

Do not hesitate to notify us of any enquiry you may have; get in touch today! 


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