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Article: Shop the Trend: Statement Coffee Tables That Capture Attention

Shop the Trend: Statement Coffee Tables That Capture Attention

Shop the Trend: Statement Coffee Tables That Capture Attention

When you picture the perfect style of your living room, do you envision a spectacularly crafted coffee table that ties it all together? 

At TEN2, we share your vision.  

Do you wish to embellish your living space with not only a stylish coffee table but also a modern statement of functionality and sophistication? We are here to guide you as you transcend the boundaries of interior decor and begin to explore a world of ethereal opulence. 

To help you discover coffee tables that will transform your living room into a perfect haven of elegance and relaxation, we have compiled an informative guide. 

Within our guide, we shall explore why you should invest in a superior coffee table, as well as the trends and qualities that make a coffee table a staple of finesse, and, of course, where to find them!



Why a luxurious coffee table is the perfect style statement 

The perfect coffee table effortlessly injects your living room with a flawless flavour of flourish. 

However, the appeal of a coffee table isn’t limited to aesthetic beauty. A coffee table is the perfect place for some of your favourite personal items. 


From being the ultimate pedestal for your treasured photo albums and magazines to being a delightfully gorgeous host to your candles and flowers, your coffee table has the same mission that we do - to celebrate your uniqueness. 



The most popular trends of modern, high-end coffee tables

Being in the 21st century, we are fortunate enough to stand at the prow of an age of timeless interior decor. 

When you shop with TEN2, you will be acquainted with unsurpassable craftsmanship, the kind that not only adheres to popular modern furniture trends, but raises the benchmark for superior coffee table design. 

From colours to contours, we have researched a range of top trends for modern coffee table designs so that our products suitably celebrate your personality and enhance the vision behind your dream home!


1.  Marvellously detailed marble

Featuring a sleek marble coffee table in your living space is one immeasurably effective way to make a graceful statement! 


The arborescent, sinuous veins that meander across a marble surface speak to a visionary’s passion for a naturalistic style while simultaneously boasting a dynamic textural experience that will be the talk of all your guests!


2.  Complementary architectural designs

When it comes to unexcelled coffee tables, aesthetic beauty is crucial, but what resides at the heart of their functionality is cohesion. 

The allure of the coffee table is presented through its mimicry of other materials within your living space, producing an atmosphere of unity between the other visual elements of your home. 

For instance, when you combine our exquisite Echo Coffee Table with our astonishing Galeon Lounge Chair, you create an astounding assemblage of complementary textural patterns and hues that emphasises your living room as a staple of harmonious sophistication.


3.  A fusion of curvaceous lines and monobloc shapes

Your coffee table should exude the perfect balance between versatility and style. 

Discover the increasingly popular monobloc silhouette. The monobloc shape refers to a great block of solid material that mirrors the strong, clean lines of monolithic structures. 

This style of structure lends itself to a dignified essence of grandeur, but what if you wished to create a contrast of solid materials and curvaceous linear textures?

With our Echo Coffee Table, you will never have to choose. Sitting atop our sturdy, plinth-like base, we have designed our lustrous table tops with our customers’ diverse range of needs in mind. 

Boasting a round surface, our Echo Coffee Table seamlessly blends the pillar-esque splendour of the monobloc form with the charmingly cyclical softness of a curved profile.


4.  Black accent colours

Black is bold and dramatic, yet fiercely fashionable with its velvety finish upon any product that sports its darksome vividness. 

A dark coffee table, such as our spectacular Echo Coffee Table, is perfect who those who value creativity and versatility. 

Whether your dark coffee table serves as an accent or an anchor of your overall potent colour scheme, a black finish never fails to enhance the sophistication of any living space. 



What qualities elevate the elegance of a statement coffee table? 

Now that we have explored the trends of first-rate coffee tables, you should familiarise yourself with the behind-the-scenes facets of a distinguished coffee table that makes it so magnificent. 

Below, we have organised the qualities of your coffee table that we strive to imbue into every one of our enchanting products. 


1.  Premium materials

At TEN2, we don’t believe in limiting the innovative talents of our masterful artisans. We recognise that your furniture will act as an emblem of your spirit and, in honour of your personality, we spare no expense. 

Our Echo Coffee Tables are crafted with timeless poise, sporting an excellent marriage between black powder-coated steel and a natural, round marble base. 


Furthermore, we believe that premium materials shouldn’t pose a threat to our beautiful planet. We have ensured that our black powder coatings are free of toxic chemicals and solvents so that they adhere to our ethos - environmental safety is non-negotiable. 


2.  Matchless functionality

When you browse through a collection of high-end coffee tables, you may have noticed that versatility is a consistent factor within the structure of their designs. 

We live in an era where multifunctional furniture is invaluable, and our team at TEN2 has crafted our deluxe coffee tables with that notion in mind. 

The small and light design of our coffee table lends itself to more than just an embellishment of your living area; we have made it so that if you wish to rearrange your living room, you can exercise your creativity time and time again to explore different styles. 


3.  Masterful craftsmanship

Otherworldly craftsmanship stems from our impassioned mission to complete your vision of opulence and make it a reality. 

Ignited by the creative sparks from our professional team of artisans, our Echo Coffee Tables shine as a culmination of monarchical finesse and functional versatility. 

Conveying a beautifully graphical silhouette, our coffee tables are ornamented with a blend of resplendent forms and materials, taking inspiration from the sleek appearance of mooring bollards.


4.  Faultless durability

Not only were we inspired by the appearance of mooring bollards, but we were also inspired by their unwavering strength. 

Our esteemed coffee tables are going to enrich your living room for a long time - at TEN2, we go the extra mile to ensure you can enjoy their stunning qualities for as long as possible. 

Supported by a professional application of some of the sturdiest natural materials our gorgeous planet can offer, our coffee tables are as strong as they are beautiful.



Where to find the perfect coffee table to complement your lavish living space

At TEN2, we strive to create a world where versatility meets unparalleled craftsmanship and where beauty meets durability. 

If you are looking to imbue your world with such a lavish marriage of invaluable qualities, look no further than our Echo Coffee Tables.


The Echo Coffee Table


Indulge in a masterpiece that will amplify the luxurious ambience of any and every environment that hosts its timeless beauty. 

Standing as a testament to unrivalled modern design, textures and materials, the Echo Coffee Table is perfect for both classic and contemporary decor. 

Above all, our splendid coffee tables will serve as the perfect refuge to make cherished memories with your loved ones, as our nautical design only heightens the soothing, welcoming aura that our craftsmanship effuses.  



How to contact TEN2

You’ve found the perfect coffee table, so what’s next? 

To complement the sumptuous grace of our coffee tables, we have also produced a wealth of prestigious collections that will add superb finishing touches to your ornate sanctuary. 

Irrespective of whether you seek a collection of opulent lounge chairs or a beguiling ensemble of contemporary stools, we have everything you need to complete your dream lounge area - all you need to do is enquire.

Get in touch today! 


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