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Article: Single Lounge Chairs: Where Design Meets Day-to-Day Luxury

Single Lounge Chairs: Where Design Meets Day-to-Day Luxury

Single Lounge Chairs: Where Design Meets Day-to-Day Luxury

The perfect home is an embodiment of sophistication and relaxation; it is the transformation of a spacious room into an elegant, modern statement piece that complements functional, versatile decor. 

But more importantly, we recognise that the perfect home should be a reflection of our customer’s distinct style. 

At TEN2, we also understand that the heart of the home lives within the opulence of its lounge area. Our range of sleek, stylish lounge chairs lend themselves to a multitude of different styles, so you can rest assured that the beauty of your living room will be an authentic reflection of your individuality. 

Our mission is to effortlessly provide you with versatile recliners that complement your love for inviting colours, intriguing shapes and patterns and - of course - an indulgent experience of contemporary comfort. 

Within our thorough exploration of the essential facets of high-end single lounge chairs, we strive to help you find the ideal choice of home decor. At TEN2, we don’t believe perfection is unreachable, and after reading our informative guide, neither will you. 



Relax in Luxury: how we classify the perfect single lounge chair

What qualities should the ultimate armchair display? Our criteria for the perfect armchair consists of nothing less than the most spectacular fusion of functionality and flourish, craftsmanship and comfort.


Below, our personalised criteria are here to help you make the best, well-informed decisions as you browse through our store. Experience what makes an unmatchable standard of high-quality armchairs (and how to use them creatively) in our helpful guide. 


1.  Magnificently modern beauty

A comfortable armchair is essential for any room in which you wish to rest. But what if you want more than relaxation? 

TEN2’s collection of deluxe accent chairs encapsulates an otherwordly blend of sleek modernism and visual intrigue. From softly curved armrests to premium faux leather fabrics to serene colours, every element of your armchair will enhance the allure of your living area.


2.  Versatility and space optimisation

Your armchair will always be a key component of your astonishing lounge. We provide you with premium fabrics that exude the suaveness of genuine leather; why not also provide you with a versatile armchair that prompts your creativity? 

Our adaptable, ergonomic collection of single lounge chairs lends itself wonderfully to an endless combination of lounge arrangements. At TEN2, we value the spaciousness of your lounge area, believing that your space should be allowed to change with you as you experiment with different styles of decor. 

Whether you elect to utilise our chairs in your lounge, your bedroom or your office, your creativity can shine alongside a multifunctional collection of armchairs that are specially optimised to your vision.



3.  Exquisite craftsmanship

The astounding beauty and versatility you see in our products at TEN2 start with exquisite craftsmanship. 

Every one of our armchairs that enchants your eye is scrupulously designed with durability in mind. Our standards start with a fusion of FSC-approved natural wood and sumptuous textile materials and end with an expertly crafted exemplar of high-end furniture.


4.  Unmatchable comfort

Your armchair is going to be with you for a while. It is paramount that every chair you buy is more than a piece of furniture, but a marvellous experience of alleviation. 

Upholstered by nothing less than the most luxurious textiles, our range of lounge chairs offers an unabashed indulgence into the world of superior comfort. Handcrafted, our snug armrests and soothing backrests are a masterclass in ethereal assuagement. 



Three alternative ways our deluxe lounge chairs complement your elegant vision

Our resplendent collection of armchairs is simply too mesmerising to confine to one room. Compiled into a list below, we demonstrate alternative uses for our armchairs, granting you the opportunity to add interest and finesse to every aspect of your day-to-day space.


A decadent statement piece for your office 

Your workspace is a place that combines creativity with functionality. Why should your office decor be any different? 

Tub chairs add a sense of tranquillity and homeliness to your professional environment, and when it comes to adding unique, personal touches, TEN2 has got you covered. 

Whether you favour a sleek, maritime armrest design or a geometric venture into vibrancy, the sophistication of your new office chair will perfectly mirror your dedication to professionalism. 


A chic flourish to the corner of your bedroom

Your bedroom would be incomplete without an accent chair to enhance the leisurely experience of serene, late-night reading. 

Sitting in accompaniment to your bed, any one of our dashing occasional chairs would suit your cheerful vision, adding a touch of distinctiveness to your private space. 

By defining the boundaries of your bedroom with the fashionable patterns of our occasional chairs, your personal space has never been more peaceful. 


A luxurious, modern elevation of extra seating 

What is a home if not a place to make cherished memories with your loved ones? 

With our versatile armchairs, you experience our matchlessly beautiful rendition of extra seating for your guests. 

The love that we instil into our lounge chair collection comes from our mission to bring families and friends together - why not make your best memories in an abundance of luxury?



A Timeless Collection: introducing our range of sleek lounge chairs

If you are looking to transform your environment into a lustrous abode of luxury, look no further than TEN2’s collection of lounge chairs. Boasting the core tenets of high-quality decor, our hand-crafted armchairs transcend the ordinary. Browse our complete, distinguished collection here or navigate through our products below.


Galeon Lounge Chair 


Our Galeon Lounge Chairs sport a seamlessly charming blend of nostalgia and modernity. Ornamented with softly curved armrests and brassy metal accents, the Galeon Lounge Chair invites awe with its faultless functionality and durability. 

Bolstered by an ash and steel frame, our range of Galeon armchairs speaks to your opulent tastes with spectacular precision.


Glacier Lounge Chair


A paragon of superior comfort, our Glacier Lounge Chairs strike the ultimate balance of solid, clean lines and cozy cushion fabrics to deliver a sophisticated retreat into the summit of relaxation. 

The Glacier Lounge Chair represents vintage poise, decorated with a subtle, curvaceous backrest and cylindrical feet that would be the perfect addition to your reading alcove! 


Euclid Lounge Chair - Grey


If you appreciate the gallant pop of intrigue that a geometric design can provide, we would like to introduce you to our grey Euclid Lounge Chair

Vibrantly modern, our Euclid Lounge Chair is more than a simple armchair - it is contemporary artistry, flecked with a baby-blue hue to reflect a calm spring sky. 

Our craftsmanship revolutionises the dichotomy between sturdy and soft, harnessing the durability of smoked ash wood and the comfort of the coziest fabrics to make you feel as if you are floating when you take a seat. 


Euclid Lounge Chair - Yellow


Our alternative Euclid Lounge Chair in yellow stands proud as a staple of attractive high-end furniture with an attractively warmer tone. 

Displaying the same astonishing visual qualities, our yellow Euclid Lounge Chairs would be an exquisite companion to your mellow, bright home. 

The ultimate example of peacefulness, our Euclid Lounge Chairs are created using premium chenille fabric to ensure your day-to-day stresses melt away amidst a velvety venture into superior comfort. 



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