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Article: Unique Side Tables vs Accent Tables: What's the Difference?

Unique Side Tables vs Accent Tables: What's the Difference?

Unique Side Tables vs Accent Tables: What's the Difference?

Your living space should be crafted with more than beauty, elegance and functionality in mind. Your living space should be a statement that emphasizes the uniqueness of your personality.

A striking piece of furniture should celebrate your distinct style, acting as the result of seamlessly blended premium materials and masterful craftsmanship. Such a luxurious flourish is best expressed within the sophistication of the perfect side table.

As experts in a variety of beautiful furniture items, our team of professional artisans at TEN2 flaunt a wide selection of gorgeous side tables that matchlessly encapsulate bold colour, form and function.

Within our informative guide, we shall cover the factors that differentiate unique side tables from decadent accent tables, how to choose the perfect side table to display in your home, and where to find that perfect side table!



What is a Side Table?

Side tables make for an excellent statement piece alongside your sofa or armchair. Unique side tables should be a sight to behold, whose primary function is to add a sense of balance to your living room.

Source:  harmony table

Side tables are ideal as a comfortable stand for your drinks and thus should exhibit a small size, no larger than your armrest. Perfect for both your dream indoor and outdoor designs, a side table will enhance the overall finesse of your space while being a testament to functionality.



What is an Accent Table?

In comparison, accent tables are more decorative in nature, celebrating the finer details that stem from beautiful materials like marble or glass, chic colours and a striking frame that demands a second glance.

Accent tables boast a range of designs that suit your design tastes. Accent tables come in different sizes and shapes; your table-top could be round, oval or square and sport a variety of different bases.

Although accent tables are the culmination of sophistication and beauty, they are often designed to be left empty so as not to obscure their bold display of elegance. As a result, they are typically less functional than side tables.



Side Table/Accent Table Features That Elevate Your Home Décor

Irrespective of whether you wish to buy a unique side table or a deluxe accent table, there are specific features that both must exude to be the perfect addition to your space.


Timeless Craftmanship

No matter what style of table you gravitate more towards, that table should be nothing less than a work of art.

Source:  harmony table

For instance, at TEN2, our attentiveness and passion for perfecting smaller details drive our commitment to unmatchable quality. The precision and care that we imbue into our products effortlessly resonates with the luxurious taste of our customers.



Unique side tables/accent tables should utilize materials that don't pose a risk to our beautiful planet.

Regardless of the purpose you wish your table to serve, the materials that are used in the design process should reflect the designer's responsibility to the environment.

At TEN2, sustainability is at the core of our ethos. We believe that every piece of furniture - not only our side tables/accent tables - should be crafted with responsibly sourced material and an eco-conscious production process.


Eclectic Design

An interior designer is only as good as their research. High-end tables are at their best when they display a range of trending influences.

This research shows the designer's commitment to listening to the customer's needs. For example, your side table/accent table would be doubly impressive if their design combined the simplicity of Scandinavian design with the striated form of marble.


Bold Colour

When you find a variety of gorgeous products, what was the first feature that caught your eye? Was it a sleek black hue or a brilliant shade of teal?

Source:  harmony table

Whichever style of table you choose to accompany your sofa, you should experience a world of captivating colour. Whether your design celebrates colours that complement or contrast with one another, your table should never be dull.

The best high-end tables (side tables and/or accent tables) will offer a range of colours to cater to your own uniqueness, granting you the ability to experiment with different styles.



The Differences Between Side Tables and Accent Tables

Now that we have covered the variety of features that unique side tables share with spectacular accent tables, it's time to explore the features that make them different.

Knowing the range of distinctions between the two tables is essential when deciding how to arrange your space.

If you are struggling to find the ideal table to suit your distinguished vision, we have compiled a list of features that will illuminate the right choice for you!



Side tables are crafted to be used for practical purposes, such as hosting your most cherished possessions, drinks and books.

Although high-end side tables must also display a delightful style, practicality is at the forefront of a side table's design and, thus, typically has round and square-shaped surfaces.

Alternatively, accent tables are designed to be primarily decorative and are best utilized to host plants and ornaments.



Side tables typically stand at a smaller size in comparison to accent tables.

The compact size of unique side tables makes them incredibly versatile, being able to fit into a tight space with ease.

Source:  harmony table

Being no bigger than your sofa's armrest, side tables are also often narrower than accent tables because they aren't designed to be the focal point of your space.

Accent tables flaunt a larger size so that they make more of a prominent statement.



Typically, accent tables are made from a range of materials, such as glass, metal or wood. Accent tables sport a variety of styles to match and enhance the beauty of your living space.

Side tables are often made of wood and are crafted to complement the overall style of your space without distracting your guests from the main statement piece of the room (which is usually a sofa or coffee table).

The materials that are used for unique side tables are often chosen for their durable qualities rather than their decorative beauty.



Accent tables blend a range of different styles and trends, appearing both traditional and modern, even at the expense of practicality. Additionally, accent tables can be a statement of minimalism, maximalism, earthy hues, vivid colours, and everything in between!

Side tables tend to be simpler in design, flaunting fewer modern trends in exchange for optimal practicality.

Don't be mistaken - the side tables at TEN2 have been crafted so that you can discover unparalleled practicality and stylish opulence.



How to Choose the Right Table for Your Living Space

Before we delve into the resplendent details of our side table collection, it is crucial that you know which table is ideal for you. Below, we have arranged a list of questions you should ask yourself before you add that perfect table to your cart!

  • Where will you position your table?
  • What purpose will your table serve in your living space?
  • Does your table suit the design of your home?
  • Is your table best placed indoors or outdoors?
  • Does your table lend itself to the rearrangement of your home?



Our Harmony Table Collection

Discover a world of indulgent luxury with our Harmony Side Table collection.

Our Harmony Side Tables are incredibly versatile, adapting to your inventiveness with their adjustable features.

Source:  harmony table

Combining the decorative value of premium accent tables within their stylish silhouette with the bioliphic materials of the perfect side table, our Harmony Side Table transcends the hottest trends.

Rejuvenating the woodturning tradition, we have fused the timeless appeal of classic design techniques with modern beauty to put the power of the designer in your hands.

Available in two different colours, our team of artisanal designers have imbued our side tables with a range of choices to represent your personality beautifully!



Get in Touch with TEN2!

Now that you are an expert on side tables, you are one step closer to bringing your dream living space to life! So, what is the next step?

To complement your gorgeous Harmony Side Table, why not peruse our wide selection of magnificent lounge chairs?

Discover a seamless blend of visually striking geometric patterns and plush comfort within our Euclid Lounge Chair collection. Embrace a lavish medley of brass, steel and premium smoked ash with our splendid Galeon Lounge Chair. The possibilities are endless!  

To add unsurpassable finesse to your home, all you need to do is enquire. Don't hesitate to get in touch today!


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