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Article: Shop the Trend: Unique Dining Tables for Discerning Buyers

Shop the Trend: Unique Dining Tables for Discerning Buyers

Shop the Trend: Unique Dining Tables for Discerning Buyers

Does your dining table look like those in your friends’ dining spaces? If this is the case, you may want a unique dining table to help your dining room stand out to guests. A unique and exciting dining table can also be a centrepiece for your home, so you must choose carefully.

However, what makes a dining table unique, and how can you find one? The quickest answer to that question is to look at trends related to the dining space and, more specifically, dining table trends. These trends are unique design elements sticking out from the crowd in 2023.

If you are a discerning buyer who wants to look into unique and exciting dining tables in more detail, read our guide. We will explore several dining table trends for the modern home, explain why having a unique dining table is critical, and more.



Why is it Important to Have a Unique Dining Table?

The dining table is where everyone in the family comes together in the dining space to eat a meal. If we look in more detail, dining tables can provoke conversation and good memories, so having one is incredibly important.

At a dining table, you can share stories, learn more about your family members or friends, and create new memories. You will tie these memories directly to the table, giving it emotional significance.

Although you may understand why you need a dining table, you may ask, why does it need to be unique?

If you have dinner guests over, you will likely want them to remember some aspects of your home fondly. It makes sense to make the dining table one of those elements because it is where you will spend most of your time.

Additionally, if your dining table is unique and modern, it may be more attractive to your friends and family; they will want to spend much more time there.



What are the Current Dining Table Trends in 2023?

Trying to find a unique and exciting dining table design on your own may be challenging and time-consuming, and more importantly, you may not know what you want to look for.

Because of this, we will provide some examples of dining table trends in 2023 and why they are excellent for a modern dining room.


Minimalistic Designs and Materials

Minimalism is arguably the main dining room trend in 2023, extending to the dining table.

Minimalism involves using more subdued colours and materials to add a sleek and effortless look to the dining room.

Minimalistic dining tables have clean lines and simple shapes. They can also use more subdued materials like metal legs or a concrete top (all handcrafted). While this may not sound eye-catching, with a matching dining room style, it can look stunning.


Vibrant and Memorable Colours

On the opposite end of the spectrum is vibrant colours. For example, you can get a striking marble dining table that instantly stands out to your family and friends.

Note that if you want to surround your dining table with bright colours, you must match the style in the rest of the dining room.


Natural Elements on and Around the Dining Table

A current trend is to surround your dining table with plants to give it a natural feel. You must ensure that you space these out evenly and include just the right amount; adding too many plants may overwhelm your guests.

If this is the route you want, consider a natural wood like timber for the dining table because it will fit the theme.


Extra Storage and Efficiency

The final trend for dining tables in 2023 is a table that perfectly combines functionality and style.

If you have extra features like storage in the table, it can make the rest of the dining area look neater. Other features include extendable table ends and built-in chargers.



How Do You Find the Best Unique Dining Table for Your Dining Room?

Now you know some of the biggest 2023 trends for dining tables, you can start to look for one that is perfect for your dining room design.

Here are three critical considerations to find your perfect dining table.


Think About the Size of the Table and Dining Space

Your first consideration should be to find dining tables that fit the space in the room. 

To discover perfectly sized dining tables, you should measure the current table and the space to see if you can fit a larger style or need a smaller one.

Once you have these measurements, check the size of the table you’re currently looking at to see if it will fit the space.

You also need to leave room for other furniture in the measurements, like the space needed for dining chairs.


Consider the Design and Materials Like a Marble Dining Table

Once you know the size you need for the table, you must consider every design element.

You need to look at multiple materials for the table design. For example, look at something robust and minimalistic, like a concrete table or something a bit more bold, like marble.

If you want durability, look at wood dining tables like timber. These will last a long time if you maintain them properly, and they are easy to clean after spills.

You should also look for a table made by a reputable craftsman; excellent build quality will mean a table that will last much longer.


Determine a Budget for the Dining Table

Once you know the style and size of the table you want, you need to determine a budget.

Doing this involves deciding how much you are comfortable paying for a dining table. After this, research multiple tables to see if any features or contemporary design choices will affect the budget.



What Are Some Examples of Unique Dining Tables?

There are so many luxury dining tables available for you to research, so where do you start?

To help you get a great start to your research, here are some excellent dining tables from our collection.


Zen Table Natural

Our Natural Zen Table design is minimalistic, making it a great table if you want to pair it with subdued colours. Also, it has clean lines, including the distinct grooves on the table legs.

It consists of American Ash wood, so it has a natural aesthetic and is durable.

Also, the curved tabletop creates the image of a constantly moving image, which makes the table an exciting centrepiece for your dining room.

Remember that because of the light table colour, you can easily drown it out with vibrant furniture and dining room objects. You should rely on understated colours to avoid this.


Zen Table Smoked

The Smoked Zen Table is almost identical in design to the natural version, with the only substantial difference being the colour.

The darker smoked wood colour adds warmth to the dining space. It is an excellent choice if you want to mainly use warmer and darker colours for the space; just ensure not to drown it out with highly-quality furniture that is too vibrant. 



Where Are the Best Places to Look for Dining Tables?

If you want to have the best chance to find a unique and impressive dining table, you should do your research on multiple sources. Here are some examples of places where you can look for dining tables:

  • In furniture shops with a range of dining tables.
  • In showrooms, if you want to find unique, designer items.
  • On an online collection like our one on TEN2.

        Only by looking at all of these options will you be able to find your perfect table.



        Should Budget Be a Major Consideration When You Look for a Unique Dining Table?

        If you want a unique table but also need to stick to a budget, you may need to accept that the best options may be out of reach. The best dining tables will have high-quality materials and top-quality designs, so naturally, they will cost more than standard options.

        If you do need to stick to a budget for dining tables, you should determine the features that you want to prioritise. For example, if you want a table with extra storage for plates and cutlery, consider a more expensive option with that feature.



        How Do You Maintain a Unique Dining Table?

        Once you have a unique dining table you love, you will want it to last for a long time. Therefore, you need to maintain the table properly.

        Here are things you can do to maintain your dining table:

        • Clean it regularly, especially after someone spills something on it. Use a damp cloth for most stains; if you use harsh chemical products to clean the table, you can ruin the finish.
        • You may need to polish the table if it is a material like wood. Polishing the table helps to give the table an alluring shine; it also protects the finish. You can also get metal polish for a metal table.
        • You can maintain the finish of the dining table by always using placemats for food and drinks. Also, invest in a tablecloth to protect the entire table from scratches and spills.



        Final Thoughts on Unique Dining Tables and How to Contact TEN2

        In summary, if you want a unique dining table option, research multiple options and look into trends to see which ones excite you. Additionally, ensure you know what you want from the table before choosing one; this includes the size, materials, style, cost and more.

        Remember that a unique dining table can be a brilliant centrepiece for your home, so finding one that works is a brilliant idea. However, don’t rush into a decision; research multiple options to make an informed choice.

        Contact us on TEN2 to enquire about our dining table collection, or look at our journal for more furniture advice.



        Frequently Asked Questions on Unique Dining Tables

        What Should Every High-Quality Dining Table Have?

        High-quality dining tables should come from a professional and reputable artisan and consist of high-quality materials.

        For example, our collection of dining tables only consists of wood because it is a sturdy material that lasts for a long time if you maintain it properly.


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