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Domo Bar Stool

Sale price$720.00

Crafted to seamlessly integrate practicality with enduring elegance, this stool embodies a harmonious blend of utilitarian design elements and opulent materials. Engineered to withstand the demands of daily use, the Domo stool epitomizes both resilience and sophistication.

Characterized by its refined silhouette and meticulous attention to detail, the Domo stool effortlessly enhances any environment it graces. Whether accentuating a chic bar or infusing a touch of refinement into a welcoming kitchen counter, these stools offer unparalleled adaptability and elegance.

Tailored to accommodate diverse preferences, the Domo stool presents a fusion of old-world allure and contemporary charm. Its opulent amalgamation of materials, comprising premium upholstery and robust metal accents, guarantees both visual appeal and functional longevity.
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Domo Bar Stool
Domo Bar Stool Sale price$720.00


Sustainable Materials

Within our range of timber products, we uphold a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Every step of our process is meticulously refined to deliver not just superior quality pieces, but also to ensure environmentally responsible practices. We meticulously track the sourcing of all timber, engaging in independent legal verification and certification processes such as PEFC or FSC, guaranteeing the integrity of our materials from forest to finish.

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