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Monaco Dining Chair - Tan

Sale price$720.00

Expertly crafted with a seamless fusion of wood and saddle leather, the Monaco Chair showcases minimalist beauty. Its sinuous and agile profile highlights meticulous craftsmanship, with saddle leather upholstery gracefully wrapping around the structure for a visual impression of weightlessness.

Expertly tailored stitching and cuts add a touch of refinement, reminiscent of a delicate dress. Experience the sensation of sitting on air, while enjoying the solid and sturdy construction of the Monaco Chair. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your space with this exceptional piece of furniture.

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Monaco Dining Chair - Tan
Monaco Dining Chair - Tan Sale price$720.00


Sustainable Materials

Within our range of timber products, we uphold a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Every step of our process is meticulously refined to deliver not just superior quality pieces, but also to ensure environmentally responsible practices. We meticulously track the sourcing of all timber, engaging in independent legal verification and certification processes such as PEFC or FSC, guaranteeing the integrity of our materials from forest to finish.

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