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Article: How to Choose a Luxury Coffee Table: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose a Luxury Coffee Table: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Choose a Luxury Coffee Table: A Comprehensive Guide

A luxury, modern coffee table can make a difference, transforming your living space into a memorable room for your family and guests.

However, making the correct choice between designer coffee tables isn’t simple. You must consider multiple things to find the best coffee table for your living room.

Our luxury coffee table guide will cover what you must consider to find the right one. We will also explain how to budget for and maintain coffee tables.



What Considerations Must You Make When Choosing Between Luxury Coffee Tables?

Picking between high-quality coffee tables isn’t as simple as choosing one that looks nice. You must conduct extensive research and make multiple checks before choosing the best one for your living room.

Here are the top considerations to choose between excellent modern coffee tables:


The Shape and Size of the Coffee Table

Before researching contemporary coffee tables, you must measure your living room to find the correct table size.

Measure where you want to place the table and check the measurements between it and other furniture, such as a side table.

You don’t want the coffee table too close to any side tables because your living room will look small.


Coffee Table Material and Build Quality

Finding a luxury coffee table with the highest quality materials is essential, but there are many high-quality materials.

For example, wood is a classic material for coffee tables because it’s durable and easy to maintain. However, you must ensure you maintain it to ensure its longevity.

Other examples of coffee table materials are marble and glass. Marble is a luxury material that can make the table a striking centrepiece, whereas glass is more modern and understated.


The Coffee Table’s Design

The high-quality materials of the table can also reflect the style.

For example, glass and wood are usually in modern-style coffee tables because they are understated materials.

On the other hand, classic designs usually have bolder colours and more luxurious materials like marble.


Extra Coffee Table Features

Aside from the highest quality materials, you must consider other features to find coffee tables that offer function and style.

For example, you can find an extensive range of coffee tables with extra storage, which is handy if you don’t have much storage in the living room.



How Do You Find Designer Coffee Tables That Match Your Living Room’s Aesthetic?

The easiest way to assess if your coffee table choices will match your living room’s aesthetic is to determine the style of your other furniture. For example, if your side tables are understated and consist of wood, you may want something similar for a coffee table.

If you want to start researching various styles, here are some options on TEN2.

Our Shinto Coffee Table comes in multiple colours and can fit many room styles. Additionally, the top is removable so you can use the table for storage.

A more luxurious option is our Echo Coffee Table, which has a distinctive design with premium materials like marble.




What’s the Best Budget for a Luxury Coffee Table?

To create a budget for a luxury coffee table, you should decide on all the features you want and assess their average prices.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much about a budget for a coffee table. Instead, consider it an investment because it will last a long time and add style and function to your home.



How Do You Maintain a Luxury Coffee Table?

The best way to maintain your coffee table is to clean it regularly. The cleaning method depends on the material. For wood, clean it with a damp sponge and polish it regularly to get a good finish.

Also, to avoid stains on the table’s surface, use a coaster for drinks.



Final Thoughts On Making The Best Luxury Coffee Table Choice

The key considerations in making a coffee table choice are size, materials, design, and extra features.

If you need to create a budget for the coffee table, prioritise the features you want most, as you may not be able to get everything.

For more guides on excellent furniture, check out our journal on TEN2!



Luxury Coffee Table FAQs

How Do You Find the Perfect Coffee Table Height?

The perfect height for a coffee table depends on the height of your other furniture and the size of your room. 

You want to be able to reach the coffee table to place drinks and other things on it, so measure the space to find the right height.


What Makes a Modern Coffee Table?

A modern coffee table can come in many shapes and sizes. 

Some modern coffee tables are more understated, with simple materials and colours and clean lines.

However, the choice of colour is also a much more modern element for coffee tables.


What Extra Features Can You Get in Luxury Coffee Tables?

Here are some features you can find in luxury coffee table products:

  • Storage to keep things in. Some tables have a removable lid.
  • Built-in USB ports to charge phones and computers.
  • Adjustable height in case you can’t find a coffee table with the perfect height.


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