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Article: Where to Buy Authentic Australian Coffee Tables

Where to Buy Authentic Australian Coffee Tables

Where to Buy Authentic Australian Coffee Tables

Your living room decor can make it more than just a place to sit in the house. If you buy excellent modern furniture like a contemporary coffee table, your living room can be a centrepiece for the home.

Australia has many excellent modern coffee tables with striking designs and high-quality materials like wood, glass and metal. However, where can you find them?

Read on for a guide on the best places to find Australian coffee tables that are entirely authentic. We will go into the positives and negatives of in-store and online shopping and detail some of our options on TEN2.



What Are the Characteristics of an Authentic Australian Coffee Table?

Before we show you where you can buy them, we need to detail the main characteristics of authentic modern and designer coffee tables in Australia.

Wooden coffee tables in Australia use different types of timber, depending on what the seller wants.

Many contemporary coffee tables use native hardwoods like Spotted Gum and Jarrah. However, some modern coffee tables use more sustainable wood, like recycled timber. Many companies promote sustainability because it’s popular with industries and the Australian Government.

Other materials for coffee tables include glass and metal.

At TEN2, we use plywood and ashwood for our wooden coffee tables because it combines elegance and versatility.


What Are the Design Characteristics of Coffee Tables in Australia?

There are multiple design philosophies for modern coffee table products in Australia.

For example, elegance is one of the key ones for coffee tables and other furniture. Elegance in modern furniture involves clean lines and understated aesthetics. They also focus on functional features like additional storage.

Some other contemporary coffee tables focus on a more rustic approach. These coffee table options focus on showing off the natural characteristics of the wood.

Additionally, another focal point of Australian coffee tables is the craftsmanship. Most coffee table products come from experienced artisans focusing on elegance and durability.



Why is Looking in Physical Stores for Modern Coffee Tables A Good Idea?

Now you know what makes Australian coffee tables authentic, we can explore in-store shopping in more detail.

While online shopping is often more convenient, in-store shopping has one significant benefit. You can see the product up close when you look for a coffee table in a store. You can visualise it in your living space and better determine if it’s the right product for your home.

Another option is to go to furniture showrooms. These are similar to stores but display their products in a much more eye-catching fashion.

By looking at the smallest details of the coffee table, you may see something you couldn’t see in online images and product descriptions.

There are multiple options for looking at some coffee table products in person.

For example, you can find multiple living room decor pieces at Outback Designs. They focus their coffee table designs on rustic elegance by highlighting the natural beauty of timber wood. A rustic style may not fit with your living space, so you can head to one of their stores to check.



Why Shopping Online for a Modern Coffee Table is a Great Idea

Although there is a benefit to seeing a coffee table in person, we recommend shopping online for several reasons.

First, online shopping is so much quicker and easier than physical shopping. To go to a store, you must drive there, park, walk to the store, look at furniture, and then drive back. All of this costs in fuel. On the other hand, to go to an online shop, you only need to head to a website on your phone or computer.

Online shopping is also more detailed than you may think. While you can’t see the furniture piece in person, you can read detailed product descriptions and look at various images. 

On TEN2, we have six images for our Shinto Coffee Table that show it in different colours and angles. We also have detailed product descriptions that describe the following:

  • The design choices in the coffee table and why they make it stand out.
  • The price of the coffee table.
  • The extra features of the coffee table (if applicable).
  • The amount of time you can expect to wait for the coffee table to arrive.
  • Size and colour options.
  • The dimensions of the table in every size it comes in.
  • The coffee table’s materials.

Finally, online shopping is far more convenient if you purchase an item you want to return. On TEN2, you can arrange a collection over the phone and receive a refund once we receive the furniture item.

To give you a start on researching coffee tables, here are two of our top options.

Our Shinto Coffee Table comes in multiple colours, making it suitable for numerous living room designs. It also consists of high-quality wood, making it a durable option that will last longer than other materials. Finally, it has a removable lid, so you can use it as an additional storage system.

We also have an option consisting of high-end materials. Our Echo Coffee Table uses black steel and marble to create an elegant table that looks like a piece of art. It’s an excellent choice if you want a table that will be a centrepiece for your living room.



How Do You Ensure That the Coffee Table is Authentic?

Our final tips in this guide relate to ensuring that the coffee tables you are looking at are authentic.

A surefire way to check if a coffee table is authentic is to look closer at the wood. If you can see grain patterns that are bold and distinctive, it is likely an authentic wood product.

Also, if a seller states that they sell sustainable coffee tables, you should check this. Look for certifications on the seller’s website or call them to ask about their sustainability certifications.

You also need to look for signs that a table goes through mass production. Some of these signs include:

  • A uniform design. If the lines on the wood are too neat and uniform, it may be a mass-produced item.
  • If the seller can’t or won’t provide you with the source of their wood, it may not be authentic.
  • If the delivery time is incredibly short, they don’t make the table to order.

Making these checks is essential because you must find a seller with an excellent reputation. If you find a reputable seller like TENn2 while looking for a coffee table, you can use them to look for other furniture.



Final Thoughts on Buying an Authentic Coffee Table in Australia

In summary, to find the best Australian coffee tables, you must ensure they are authentic. Use our guide to spot red flags to determine a table’s authenticity.

Also, explore multiple options, including stores, showrooms and online sites.

For more on where to find excellent furniture, check out our journal on TEN2.



Authentic Coffee Tables in Australia FAQs

What Features Can You Commonly Find in a Modern Coffee Table?

Many coffee tables have various features, but some are more common than others. Here are some common features of coffee tables: 

  • Extra storage via a removable lid.
  • Adjustable height if you can’t reach your TV remote.
  • Built-in USB ports for charging.


What Materials Can You Get for Australian Coffee Tables?

There are multiple materials you can get for Australian coffee tables.

Wood is one of the most popular because it has a rustic design and is the most durable.

Other materials you can get include marble, glass, metal and more.


How Do You Find the Perfect Length for a Coffee Table?

The easiest way to find the perfect length for a coffee table is to measure your living room. Measure the space where you want to place the table and the other pieces of furniture, like the sofa. With these measurements, you can visualise what the table will look like in the room.


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