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Article: Your Home, Your Rules: Delving into Custom Furniture Design

Your Home, Your Rules: Delving into Custom Furniture Design

Your Home, Your Rules: Delving into Custom Furniture Design

Do you worry that you won’t impress your guests when they visit your home? You may do this because you don’t have a centrepiece for the living room or dining; you need excellent furniture because it can make all the difference and bring a house to life.

However, when you research high-quality furniture, you may find nothing matches your own unique style. Thankfully, this is where customised design furniture can come into play.

Our guide to custom furniture will delve into every part of the process. We will determine how to find inspiration, set a budget, find an artisan and more. We will also detail the customised furniture design process in full.



What is the Appeal of Custom Furniture?

Before we go into detail on the custom design process, we must go further into why custom furniture can be a brilliant idea for your home.

If you love home design, you will have your own unique style. Custom designs for furniture are a canvas for you to create a piece that fits your exact vision.

Additionally, if you want to impress your family and guests with an extensive range of high-quality furniture, one-of-a-kind custom designs will impress them more than anything else.

Finally, if you fully involve yourself in the custom design process, you will develop a connection with the furniture piece; it will come with a story and visual quality.


How is Custom Furniture Better than Standard Furniture?

As well as having multiple benefits, customised furniture design has numerous elements that make it superior to a standard furniture piece. Here are some drawbacks of traditional furniture:

  • While there are many Standard furniture designs, they can be too uniform and unoriginal.
  • They can often use lower-quality materials.
  • The customisation options for standard furniture designs have massive limits. Usually, you can only customise the colour and only have a few options.

For example, a new sofa may not have the perfect materials or colour, so a custom sofa is the ideal solution if you seek these.



How Do You Find Inspiration for Custom Design Furniture?

Before commissioning an artisan to make custom-made furniture, you need to know what you want. Therefore, you need to find ways to find the inspiration for great ideas.

Here are sources of inspiration to help you find the perfect way to inject your personal style into custom designs:

  • Look at design magazines for examples of high-quality custom designs.
  • Research various online portfolios from craftsman to find examples of their previous custom-made furniture.
  • Look at designs from multiple social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Before going through the custom designs process, you must also fully understand your unique style. You can do this by self-reflecting and using your other furniture as a reference. You want any custom furniture to match the style of your home.



How Do You Set a Budget for Custom Furniture?

The next step in the custom design process for your living space is creating a budget.

First, custom furniture can be costly, so you need to prepare to spend a lot on it. Setting a budget that’s too low is unrealistic, especially if you want a design that perfectly matches your own unique style.

To get the proper budget for custom furniture for your living space, you must make the following considerations:

  • The materials you want.
  • The level of complexity and difficulty of the design.
  • The overall size of the furniture.
  • The level of craftsmanship needed for the design.
  • Any custom features you want, like extra storage or a built-in entertainment unit.
  • The expense of the upholstery and finish.



What is the Design Process for Custom Furniture?

Once you have a design idea and a budget, you can start the custom designs process.

The first step is to have an initial consultation with the designer. In this meeting, you must precisely convey your ideas so the designer knows what you want. 

After the meeting finishes, the designer will create an initial sketch of the design and ask for your feedback. They can do as many sketches as needed until they have a drawing you are happy with. 

Throughout this process, you must communicate with the designers as openly as possible. Share all your ideas with them, and be open to contributions from them to improve the design. Although they design the piece, you need to collaborate with them to make it perfect by providing honest and detailed feedback.

Also, if they provide ideas and suggest changes, you must trust that they are an expert rather than push back.

If you don’t think your explanation of your idea will be enough, here are some other suggestions:

  • Bring some images that inspire you to the meeting so they can better visualise your idea.
  • Talk about where you want to place the furniture in your living space (the dining room, for example). Go into detail on the room’s aesthetic, including the style, colours and other furniture.
  • Tell them your budget and timeline so they understand the project’s restrictions.



How Do You Choose the Perfect Materials for a Custom Piece Like a Custom Dining Table?

Here are some materials commonly used in custom furniture:

  • Wood, which is great for classic or natural-looking furniture. It is excellent for furniture like dining tables or chairs because it is durable and easy to clean. 
  • Metal can provide support to the furniture’s structure. It also fits in with modern and understated furniture.
  • Fabrics are mainly for upholstery and are usually a furniture piece's most striking design element. Microfiber, linen and leather are standard fabrics for furniture.
  • Glass is popular for dining and coffee tables because it's memorable and modern.

Ideally, find a material that combines visual appeal and durability. We recommend considering wood for at least part of the piece. You can also look at eco-friendly materials like sustainable wood because it reduces environmental impact.



How Do You Find an Excellent Craftsman to Make Custom Designs?

Select a high-quality artisan once you have the perfect design for your custom furniture.

To do this, you must research multiple artisans by looking at their portfolios in detail. They may be a suitable fit if their previous work is similar to what you want. Additionally, you should look at reviews to see what previous clients think about their finished furniture.

Also, get recommendations from your family and friends. You can also ask your designer who they recommend.

To find many artisans to research, look at online directories that specialise in customised furniture for the living space.

Finally, you should talk to multiple artisans and ask them the following questions to find the best one for your custom job: 

  • What is your previous experience with custom furniture?
  • Do you work with the materials I want for the furniture piece?
  • What is your price for the job? Will you offer a more fair price?
  • How long will the furniture project take you?
  • Do you need me to collaborate in the process?
  • Do you have any references from previous clients?



What is the Furniture Customisation Process?

When you choose your artisan, they will start the design process by gathering the materials you want and creating the furniture piece.

When they create all the pieces, they will apply the finish, polish, and assemble it.

After this, they will arrange delivery of the item to your home.


How Crucial is Quality Control When Making Custom Furniture?

During the creation process, you need to ensure quality control by getting inspectors to check the quality of the work and materials and to see if the craftsman is completing the job to schedule. 

If the inspectors find any issues, the artisan must make revisions to ensure they complete the unique piece to your tailored specifications.

Finally, the inspectors will conduct one last inspection before delivery to ensure the craftsman meets the proper standard.



What Are Some Furniture Examples of Unique Custom Designs?

As mentioned, the best places to find examples of unique designs are from portfolios and social media sites. 

Although we don’t offer customised furniture on TEN2, all our designs are excellent and bespoke. Here are a few examples of our high-end furniture.


The Zen Table - Natural

The natural Zen Table is a high-quality dining table made from high-quality ash wood. The light colour makes it suitable for a dining room with subdued colours.

Also, the grooves on the legs give it a distinct look.


The Shinto Coffee Table

The Shinto Coffe Table has a minimalist design, is durable from the wood, and has multiple available colours.

Additionally, the top comes off, so you can use the table for extra storage.


The Harmony Table

The Harmony Table is a side table with an incredibly distinct design.  

While you can use it as a side table, it also works as a stunning art piece for the living room.



What Are the Best Ways to Maintain Custom Furniture?

Although your customised furniture will be durable because of the materials, maintaining it will give it the longest life. You can do this by:

  • Dusting, polishing (if it’s wood) and regularly cleaning it with a damp cloth.
  • Placing it in a position away from the sun.
  • Using coasters so you don’t stain it.
  • Checking it for damage regularly.
  • Following the maintenance instructions from the craftsman.



Final Thoughts on The Custom Furniture Process

In summary, custom furniture has various benefits, mainly that it can be a centrepiece for the home and hold powerful sentimental value.

If you are considering a customised furniture piece, use the research methods above to find inspiration.

If you can’t afford or don’t have time for customised furniture, browse our extensive range of premium furniture on TEN2!  



Furniture Custom Designs Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Customised Bedroom Furniture a Good Idea?

Although customised bedroom furniture can be expensive, it has multiple benefits.

For example, you can customise the bedside table so it is the exact height you need and has the same style and colour scheme as the rest of the bedroom.


Are Custom Coffee Tables Better than Regular Ones?

The lower price is the only real benefit to a regular coffee table (unless it’s high-end like our products on TEN2).

Although custom coffee tables are more expensive, you can customise them until you have the perfect product for your home.


Are There Any Disadvantages to Custom Designs for Furniture?

While the positives of customised furniture outweigh the negatives, there are drawbacks.

The two main drawbacks of customisable furniture are that it’s more expensive than regular products and takes significantly longer to make due to the design and creation processes.


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