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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Bar Stools

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Bar Stools

Do you need help finding the perfect designer stools for your home?

If you need help finding your perfect bar stool, our guide is the ideal resource for you.

We will explain everything you should know before buying a designer bar stool. We will include details about designer stool types, brands, sizes and more.



How Do You Determine Your Needs for a Designer Stool?

Before researching designer bar stool products, determine what you will use them for and where.

The easiest way to work this out is to ask the following questions:

  • How often will people in your home sit on the stools?
  • What is the maximum number of stools you’ll need?
  • Do you need stools of various heights for different rooms?
  • Do you need the stools to swivel?
  • How much space is available for bar stools in your kitchen?

Answering these questions is a significant first step to purchasing your perfect bar stools.



What Types of Designer Stools Can You Get?

Because modern home designs can differ greatly, there are multiple types of designer bar stools.

Here are some of the typical bar stool types you can find:

  • Modern, minimalist bar stools with understated designs and clean lines. These are a great option for most modern homes.
  • Rustic and natural bar stools that usually consist of high-quality wood.
  • Boho bar stools that use vibrant colours; only use these if your kitchen has vibrant colours.
  • Custom bar stools are expensive, but you can create your perfect design for the custom job.
  • Backless stools and stools with a backrest. If posture is vital to you, you should consider stools with backrests.



What Features Should You Look for in a Designer Bar Stool?

You may not want every feature available for a designer bar stool. However, it’s crucial to know all of them to make an informed decision.

Here are some exciting features you can find in designer bar stools:

  • A swivel feature, which can be helpful if you have a large or circular-shaped kitchen.
  • Adjustable height if your aim is to use the barstool in multiple rooms.
  • A backrest if you require more support for your posture.
  • A padded seat for more comfort.
  • A footrest can be handy for those who aren’t tall enough to touch the floor with their feet.
  • Non-slip feet so the stool remains stable; this is brilliant if using them on an uneven surface.



Is the Build-Quality and Material an Influencing Factor Regarding Bar Stools?

Build quality is the main factor that makes a designer bar stool stand out, so it is crucial. You must ensure that the designer bar stool comes from a reputable brand and a high-quality artisan.

Additionally, materials are an influencing factor when you choose a bar stool. Choose high-quality materials but also ensure that the materials match the room's aesthetic. For example, a kitchen with a natural aesthetic needs a material like wooden bar stools. 

Examples of other materials include metal bar stools, leather bar stools and rattan bar stools.



How Do You Choose the Right Bar Stool Size?

To find the perfect bar or counter stools size, you need to measure the height of the kitchen counter. You want a stool high enough so most of your upper body is visible over the kitchen top. Compare these measurements with the stool products to find the ones that fit.

If you need different stool sizes for multiple rooms, consider height-adjustable stools.



How Do You Decide on a Design For a Bar Stool?

Although there are multiple design types for bar stools, it should be easy to find the best one for your home.

All you need to do is determine the style of your home interior and buy a stool that fits that aesthetic. For example, if your home interior has an understated design, buy a stool with subdued colours and clean lines.



What Are the Best Designer Bar Stool Brands?

If you know what you want from a designer bar stool, you can start your research. However, where do you begin to research designer bar stools?

To give you the best start, here are some top designer bar stool brands and what sets them apart.

Designer Bar Stool Brand

What Sets Them Apart?


At TEN2, our primary focus is using high-quality materials to create products with a minimalist feel.


Jardan focuses on modern furniture designs. Most of their products are also entirely sustainable.

Cult Design

Cult Design has a large selection of designer furniture, with many internationally produced products. They have showrooms in some Australian cities for you to view products.



How Do You Create a Designer Bar Stool Budget?

Setting a budget for a designer bar stool is simple, but you must make multiple considerations. For example, you first need to find a number that you are comfortable with.

After this, research products to see if getting a bar stool with all the features you want is realistic with your budget.

If you must pay more to get all your desired features, either sacrifice one of the features or adjust the budget. The general rule is the more features on a designer bar stool, the higher the price.



Where Are the Best Places to Buy Designer Stools?

You can buy designer bar stools in numerous places. If you prefer to see the stools before you buy them, you can find them in shops and showrooms.

However, online shops are easier and quicker and have excellent returns policies if you don’t like the stool when you see it.

To start looking at some products, look at our excellent stool collection. We have lighter wood options like the Airo Wood and Cord Barstools and darker options like the Dyna Barstool.



Is it a Good Idea to Read Designer Stool Reviews?

If you think you have your final bar stool choice but still aren’t 100% sure, read some reviews.

You should look at critic and customer reviews to get the most informed thoughts on the stool.

Critic reviews will provide all the high and low points of the stool, and customer reviews will give honest thoughts on specific elements.



Our Final Designer Bar Stool Buying Guide Tips

Here are the best tips we have for buying a designer bar stool:

  • Measure the size of your bar space before choosing a product.
  • Choose a stool that matches the room’s aesthetic.
  • Determine your budget based on the features you want.
  • Check the artisan and the brand to ensure the stool has excellent build quality.

You must also avoid common mistakes when looking at bar stools. For example, always pay attention to your must-have requirements; do not favour an optional feature over them.

Also, you must consider longevity and durability, so only look at durable materials like hardwood.



Enquire About Our Top-Quality Stools on TEN2!

If you look at TEN2, you will see a range of brilliant bar stools in our collection.

Contact us to learn more about a specific bar stool, or head directly to the product pages!



Final Thoughts on How to Pick the Right Designer Bar Stool

In summary, don’t forget any critical considerations you must make to find the perfect designer bar stool. If it helps you, make a checklist to leave no stone unturned.

When you go through the process and find the right stool, you can purchase it confidently!



Designer Bar Stool Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Look for When Buying a Bar Stool?

You should look for the following before buying a bar stool:

  • The right size and height.
  • Comfort like a padded seat, footrest or backrest.
  • A material and design that fits with your home’s aesthetic.
  • A price that fits your budget.


What is the Best Type of Bar Stool for Comfort?

To target comfort when buying a bar stool for your home, look for these three features:

  • A backrest for extra back support.
  • A footrest so your feet don’t dangle over the floor.
  • A padded seat in case guests sit on the stool for an extended period.


Which Bar Stool Design is the Best for Stability?

Although you may think that the more legs a bar stool has, the better, this is not the case.

The best bar stool design for stability is a three-legged stool. You can raise or lower any legs without making the stool unstable.


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