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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Armchairs

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Armchairs

Do you need help finding an armchair that matches excellent design and comfort at a fair price?

Look no further because our buying guide will put you in the right direction to find the perfect armchair for your living room.

Our buying guide for designer armchairs in Australia will detail everything you must look for to find a suitable armchair, including the features, material, design, and more.



What Are Your Needs for a Designer Armchair?

The first thing you should consider regarding a designer armchair is why you need it. Determining this will reveal what elements of an armchair you value most.

You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often will I use the armchair?
  • Does the armchair need to be a specific height?
  • Is the design more critical than comfortability?
  • Do I need a particular type of chair to fit my posture?

These are all critical considerations for an armchair, especially how it will affect your posture. Look for a chair with ergonomic support so it will support your back. Some armchairs even have fully adjustable sections for the perfect sitting position.



What Types of Designer Armchairs Are Available?

Many types of designer armchairs are available to buy in Australia. Here are some of the main armchair types to consider:

  • Modern armchairs made from different materials. Some of these include leather, fabric, and velvet armchairs. These look great in the right room but often don’t focus on back support unless you look at expensive options.
  • Recliner armchairs that offer maximum comfort. However, these are often not great for back support if you recline them often.
  • Swivel armchairs can have good back support and are helpful if you need to change the chair position often.
  • Some brands can make custom armchairs to your exact specifications. However, these are more expensive than other armchair types.



What Are the Critical Features You Should Look for in a Designer Armchair?

Here are some features you must look for in a designer armchair:

  • Excellent comfort with high-quality padding.
  • High-quality materials that make the chair as durable as possible.
  • A sturdy chair frame and legs.
  • A design that fits your room’s aesthetic.


Aside from these, there are multiple other features that, while less critical, you may still want:

  • Reclining and swivelling are helpful if you want more flexibility with chair positioning.
  • Built-in storage compartments can be helpful if your living room lacks storage.
  • Fully adjustable back and headrest if you need extra support.
  • Massage and heating functions for extra comfort.
  • Built-in USB ports if you don’t have access to nearby ports.



Does the Material and Build Quality Matter Regarding Designer Armchairs?

Here are some of the most popular armchair materials and their strengths and drawbacks:

  • Leather – This has an excellent appearance, is durable and easy to clean. However, it’s more expensive and requires conditioning to maintain it.
  • Fabric – Variety is the key here; you can get multiple fabric colours and patterns. However, it is less durable and requires more cleaning.
  • Velvet – The most luxurious-looking material that is also comfy. However, it can stain easily and needs more maintenance.
  • Wood – The chair frame and legs will often consist of wood, which is sturdy and durable. Unfortunately, the legs can scratch easily and may need polishing often.

You also need to consider the build quality. If the chair is of lower build quality, it won’t last as long and will require more maintenance. Maintenance requires more money for polishing, cleaning items, and possibly reupholstering.



Do You Need to Consider the Size of the Armchair?

If you have a small living room space, measure it to see what size of armchair will fit.

Also, note these measurements because they will help you see how different armchairs look in the room.



How Important is Design for Designer Armchairs in Australia?

Design is a crucial consideration regarding armchairs because you want one that matches the style of your room. If it clashes, the armchair will stick out negatively.

Work out the colour scheme of your living room before researching armchairs. If the colour scheme is neutral, find an armchair that matches that aesthetic.



What Are the Best Designer Armchair Brands?

Here is a comparison table of the best designer armchair brands available in Australia. 

Armchair Brand

What Sets Them Apart?


We focus on subdued designs and high-quality materials like hardwoods and fabrics.


Jardan has classic chair designs with immaculate lines. They also focus on attention to detail.


Domo has many styles of armchairs from Europe and all over the world. They focus on quality craftsmanship and style.

Coco Republic

Coco Republic has a wide range of products, including their range.



How to Set a Budget for a Designer Armchair

The first step to working out a budget for a designer armchair is simple: decide how much you are comfortable paying.

Once you know this, you must prioritise the armchair features you want most. For example, if you want a height-adjustable chair, look at the options to see if your budget is realistic and adjust if needed.

The lower the price of the armchair, the fewer optional features it will have.



Where Can You Buy Designer Armchairs in Australia?

You can buy armchairs online or in stores to see and test the chair before buying. If you buy online, you can return the chair if it isn’t to your liking.

All the sellers in our table above offer high-quality options, including our collection on TEN2! We have multiple products that are high-quality and high-comfort, including the Euclid and Galeon Lounge chairs.



Should You Read Designer Armchair Reviews?

Reading armchair reviews can be an excellent way to understand other people’s experiences with them.

You should read reviews from critics to get the most informed opinions on new designer armchairs. However, you should also look at reviews from other consumers because they will provide honest feedback and have a similar mindset to you.



Our Final Tips for Buying a Designer Armchair

Here are our final tips on what to remember when buying a designer armchair:

  • Determine your needs for the chair to find the best product.
  • Highlight all the features you desire.
  • Calculate a budget that incorporates all the features you want.
  • Measure the size of your living room. Specifically, the space where you want the chair to go.
  • Choose a design that fits your room’s aesthetic.

You also need to avoid common pitfalls when choosing a designer armchair. For example, never neglect comfort when picking a chair. The chair must look great and be comfortable to sit on.

Also, you should avoid paying less money if you can because you will purchase a product that is of lesser quality.



Find Top-Quality Designer Armchairs on TEN2!

You can find multiple excellent lounge chair products on TEN2, including more subtle options like the Glacier Lounge Chair.

Also, sign up for the TEN2 newsletter to receive all the latest news and offers!



Final Thoughts on How to Buy a Designer Armchair

In summary, there are multiple considerations you must make before choosing a designer armchair. We advise making a list of everything you need to check to ensure you remember everything.

If you tick all the boxes you want, you can confidently move forward when purchasing a designer armchair.



Frequently Asked Questions on Designer Armchairs

What Makes for a Brilliant Armchair?

A fantastic armchair must have the following: 

  • An excellent level of comfort.
  • An appealing design.
  • High-quality materials and development from a professional artisan.
  • A long lifespan because of the excellent materials.
  • It must fit in the space you create for it in the living space.


What is the Typical Lifespan for a Designer Armchair?

The lifespan of the designer armchair you choose entirely depends on its quality. For example, if it consists of expensive materials, it will be more durable and last longer.

Additionally, a design made by an excellent artisan will last longer because of the higher-quality construction.


How Do I Decide on an Armchair Fabric?

To decide on a fabric for your armchair, you need to consider multiple variables.

For example, you should choose a fabric colour that matches the style of your living room.

Additionally, you should consider the fabric’s texture, pattern, durability, price and more.


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