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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Coffee Tables

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Coffee Tables

Do you feel your living space is missing something that will make it memorable? An excellent designer coffee table may be just the thing you need.

Our guide to designer coffee tables will detail everything you must consider to find the perfect coffee table for your room. We will also show you the best places to find a designer coffee table in Australia and more!



What Do You Need in a Designer Coffee Table?

Before you can start researching top coffee table products, you must clearly know what you want. To determine this, answer the following questions: 

  • What do I want to place on the coffee table?
  • How much space do I have for a coffee table?
  • What is the purpose of the table? Will I serve food and drinks on it?
  • What is the style of my living room?
  • Are my young children or pets likely to damage the coffee table?



What Are the Main Types of Designer Coffee Tables in Australia?

Starting the buying process for a coffee table can’t happen until you know the available types. Here are some of the common types of designer coffee tables in Australia:

  • Modern coffee tables use glass or metal and are more subtle than other designs.
  • Mid-century modern coffee tables usually have wooden legs and simple shapes. They look good in a space with a traditional aesthetic.
  • Rustic coffee tables are usually wooden coffee tables and look great in a home with a farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Luxury coffee tables use high-end materials like marble. They are perfect for a living room with an expensive, luxury design.
  • Convertible coffee tables often have extra storage inside via a liftable top.



Are There Any Extra Designer Coffee Table Features to Consider?

Before we focus on the aesthetics of coffee tables, here are some extra features you should be aware of:

  • Extra storage in the middle of the table. You can often take off the lid to reveal a storage compartment.
  • Adjustable height in case you can’t find a table that is the perfect height.
  • Nested tables have smaller tables within them. They allow you to get a whole furniture set without cluttering the living room.
  • Built-in USB ports in case you don’t have enough in the room.



Do the Materials and Build-Quality of a Designer Coffee Table Matter?

The first element of coffee table design you must consider is the material. There are numerous coffee table materials, including:

  • Wood coffee tables are rustic and brilliant for a living room with warm colours and a dimly lit atmosphere. They are also the most durable type of coffee table.
  • Marble coffee tables are luxurious and can be an excellent centrepiece for the home.
  • Glass coffee tables are visually striking but work well in an understated room. Because they scratch easily, however, you need to be careful around them.
  • Metal coffee tables look understated and modern, but they can warp and scratch, so you must be careful.

You must also consider build quality because this is one of the aspects that makes a coffee table last. Check that the table comes from a reputable and talented artisan. On TEN2, you can contact us to learn this information.



What’s the Perfect Size for a Designer Coffee Table?

The size of the coffee table you need depends on the size of your room.

If you have an existing coffee table, compare its measurements with your room’s measurements to see if you can fit a bigger size. Also, ensure you have a table height that is reachable from a sitting position.



How Do You Choose a Modern Coffee Table Design?

While there are many choices for a designer coffee table design, choosing one is simpler than you think.

It all depends on the aesthetic of your living room. For example, a marble coffee table may be the best option if you have a luxurious design with multiple expensive pieces of furniture. You also need to remember to match the colours in the room.



What Are the Best Brands for Designer Coffee Tables?

Researching designer coffee tables can be challenging and time-consuming, so we created the table below to help you get the best start.

Designer Coffee Table Brand

What Makes the Designer Coffee Table Brand Stand Out?


We aim to create a balance between style and functionality with our coffee table collection. We use high-quality materials and have design features like extra storage.


Jardan mainly focuses on modern coffee tables with a distinct style. Also, they use excellent quality materials.

King Living

King Living’s primary focus is its massive range of furniture, including high-quality coffee tables. They also include creative designs and functionality.



How Do You Create a Budget for a Designer Coffee Table?

The best tip for setting a budget for a designer coffee table is to work out everything you want: materials, features, size, and more. Once you have this, research various options and set the average price as your budget.

Usually, a coffee table with all your desired features will be at the top end or over your budget.



Where Are the Best Places to Look for a Designer Coffee Table in Australia?

To see the coffee table before you buy, head to a furniture store or showroom.

However, if you buy online, you can get a good impression of coffee tables on their product pages. Also, you can return the coffee table if you don’t like it.

If you want to start looking for designer coffee tables, we have some excellent options for you on TEN2. Our Shinto Coffee Table has an understated design and a liftable top for extra storage, whereas our Echo Coffee Table is a premium option with expensive materials like marble.



Is it a Good Idea to Read Coffee Table Reviews?

You should read multiple coffee table review types to get the best impression of the product.

Critic reviews give a detailed product overview, but consumer reviews are usually more honest and focus on specific features.



The Final Tips for Buying a Designer Coffee Table

Here are our final tips for buying a designer coffee table:

  • Measure the space and previous table to find the right size for a new one.
  • Choose all the features you want before creating a budget.
  • Pick a material and design that fits with your living room’s aesthetic.
  • Research multiple coffee tables to give yourself numerous options.
  • Look in a showroom or store to see the coffee table in person.
  • Read critic and consumer reviews for more thoughts on the coffee table.



Find High-Quality and Unique Coffee Tables on TEN2!

We have a varied and growing coffee table collection on TEN2 for you.

Contact us to enquire about any products, and sign up for the TEN2 newsletter for updates on new products and offers.



Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Designer Coffee Table for Your Living Room

In summary, you must make every essential consideration before committing to a coffee table you love. If it helps, compile the sections of our guide into a simple checklist so you can remember everything.

Although it may sound time-consuming, it’s the only way to choose a coffee table confidently.



Designer Coffee Table FAQs

What’s the Best Way to Style a Designer Coffee Table?

When styling a designer coffee table, you want the items you put on it to match its aesthetic.

We recommend starting with a high-quality tray and building from there with flowers and decorative pieces like candles and models. Also, consider adding family photos for a personal touch.


Where is the Best Place for a Coffee Table?

The living room is the best place for a coffee table because that’s where you’ll get the most use out of it.

However, the best place in the room depends on the amount of space you have and if you want to reach it from your seating position.


What Are Some Considerations to Make Before Buying a Coffee Table?

Here are some considerations you must make before deciding on a coffee table:

  • Find the right-sized table for the room.
  • Find a style and material that matches your home’s design.
  • Decide if you want extra features like storage or built-in USB ports.
  • Work out a budget for the coffee table.


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