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Article: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Dining Tables

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Designer Dining Tables

Are you trying to decide between ten different dining tables?

Are you unsure of what you value most in dining tables? Our designer dining table guide will be an excellent resource for you.

Our guide will walk you through every consideration to make the most informed decision regarding a new designer dining table.

We will look at types of designer dining sits, features, materials and more.



What Are Your Designer Dining Table Needs?

Before researching dining tables, you must determine your needs for one.

 Here are some questions to ask to help find your dining table needs:

  • How often will you sit at the dining table each day?
  • How many people reside in your house?
  • How often will you have guests around the dining table?
  • Will you get use out of an extendable dining table?
  • What is the style of your dining room?
  • How much space is available in your dining room?



What Types of Designer Dining Tables Are Available to You?

Once you understand your needs for a dining table, you can look at the various types, including: 

  • Rectangular dining tables are a classic design and can fit many people. However, they can take up too much space and look unsuitable in a subdued, modern dining space.
  • Round dining tables are great if you have guests over often because they are a more intimate shape and encourage exciting conversation. However, they are a smaller table type.
  • Square dining tables are the ideal option for a small dining space. However, they aren’t the most visually appealing design.
  • Oval dining tables combine the qualities of rectangular and round dining tables. They can fit multiple people and have a distinct design.



What Are Some Optional Features for Designer Dining Sets?

When looking at designer dining tables, there are multiple features that, while optional, offer value in certain situations. Here are some exciting dining table features you can consider:

  • An extendable feature on the table can be helpful if you want guests around often but don’t have a lot of space for a massive table.
  • A pedestal instead of legs is a striking design feature, but it can also make the table and dining room more open and welcoming.
  • Storage inside the tables for plates and cutlery may be helpful if you have limited storage in the kitchen.
  • Some tables come with matching chairs.



Should You Consider the Materials and Build-Quality Before Deciding on a Designer Dining Table?

One of the most vital aspects of a high-quality dining table is the materials and build quality. The table must come from a top-quality artisan to ensure its durability and long life.

Here are some of the popular materials for dining tables:

  • Wood is the most natural-looking and durable material; it’s also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Glass has a sleek, modern look but is easy to scratch and damage.
  • Stone tables are the most luxurious, but they are also expensive and inconvenient to reposition.
  • Metal tables can look great in a modern home but also provide a cold atmosphere.

Whichever material you choose, you must maintain it to ensure it lasts a long time. For wood, this involves dusting, polishing, and cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth.



What is the Right Size for a New Dining Table?

The right size for your dining table depends on the space available in the dining room.

Measure the dimensions of the room and the current table to determine if you can fit a bigger size. Note these measurements and compare them with the dimensions of new table products to find one that works.



The Best Way to Choose a Dining Table Design

The key to choosing the best dining table design for your dining room is matching your interior design style.

For example, if your other dining room furniture and decorative pieces are of a similar style or colour scheme, find a table that fits.

Also, consider how the table’s colours affect the room’s mood. For example, you will create a warm atmosphere if you get a darker wood.



What Are the Best Designer Dining Table Brands?

You may be ready to start researching designer dining tables, but where do you start looking?

Use the following table of designer dining table brands as a resource to get a start on your research.

Designer Dining Table Brand

What Sets the Table Brand Apart?


We offer high durability and quality with our range of designer dining tables. We mainly focus on wood because it’s natural and durable.

King Living

King Living focuses on modern furniture with striking, stylish designs. They also make their table designs functional with features like storage.

Coco Republic

Coco Republic stands out because of its extensive furniture range. Their main dining table focus is on designs that are timeless and luxurious.



The Best Way to Build a Dining Table Budget

Designer dining tables can be expensive, so you must set a budget unless you have money to spare.

The easiest way to set a dining table budget is to narrow down the features that you want most. Then, research tables with these features to find the average prices. With these prices, you can create a realistic budget.

The more features you want in a dining table, the higher your budget will be.



Where Should You Look for Designer Dining Tables?

While most will look online for designer dining tables, other options exist.

For example, you can look at furniture stores and showrooms to see the table before you buy it.

However, we still recommend shopping online because of the detailed product pages and fair returns policies.

If you look at our dining tables on TEN2, you will find two excellent wooden dining tables. We have one that’s a lighter colour and one that’s darker. The choice of colour depends on your dining room style.



Should You Read Reviews for Designer Dining Tables?

Reading dining table reviews can be the final factor that can help you make a buying decision.

You should read critic and user reviews to get the most robust opinion. Critic table reviews give a detailed breakdown of every significant part of the table. In comparison, user reviews are honest and can highlight issues that critics may ignore or downplay.



Our Final Designer Dining Table Buying Tips

Here are our final dining table buying guide tips:

  • Find the table type, design, material and colour that suits your dining room’s aesthetic.
  • Measure the room and the current table to find a perfect size for a new one.
  • Research online, in stores and showrooms.
  • Read critic and consumer reviews of dining table products
  • Work out the features you want for the table to determine the budget.



Find Luxury and Bespoke Dining Tables on TEN2

We have a growing collection of high-quality bespoke dining tables on TEN2.

Contact us to enquire about one of our table products or look at the product pages!

Also, join our TEN2 mailing list for news on new dining table products and offers.



Final Thoughts on the Best Way to Pick a New Designer Dining Table

In summary, consider all our tips to make the best decision regarding a new designer dining table. Refer to our final tips list if you need a checklist.

These considerations allow you to choose and purchase a new dining table more confidently.



Designer Dining Table FAQs


What Should You Place on a Designer Dining Table?

Create a balance in the things you place on a dining table between visual appeal and functionality.

For example, you can place decorative pieces on the table to improve its aesthetics, but you also need a tablecloth and coaster to protect it from scratches and stains.


What is the Best Dining Table Type?

The best dining table type depends on the atmosphere you want to create and the size of your room.

For example, a circular dining table can be suitable for a smaller dining room and also create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


What’s the Most Durable Dining Table Material?

The most durable dining table is wood because it doesn’t damage as easily as glass and metal and lasts longer.

However, to extend its life further, you must regularly dust, polish, and clean a wooden dining table with a damp sponge or cloth.


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